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When my daughter went in for her ultra sound a couple of weeks ago, she brought home the strip of pictures of the baby to show us. We showed the boys. Spencer just looked at it and said “tiny maymay” (he says maymay instead of baby). Anderson immediately said “it’s a brother.” We asked him why and he said “because it has no hair.” We tried to explain to him that on the ultra sound, hair doesn’t show up and also, not all babies are born with hair. He insisted that it was a boy because it had no hair. He was a little disappointed because he wanted a sister.

Fast forward to the reveal party last Saturday. Anderson sat next to his dad as his dad cut the cake. He had his hands up to his mouth, holding his breath. When everyone said “Pink!” he seemed to be disappointed. It turns out he wasn’t, he was just upset because he had been wrong! We were all wearing either pink or blue bracelets depending on what we thought the baby’s gender was and he had picked a blue one to wear because he was sure no hair meant a boy!

That was my smile. Watching him during that reveal. He’s now happy it’s a sister but for a while there, he wasn’t happy that he had been wrong!


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