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Many years ago, when I was still married, my ex would start every Sunday morning by listening to a 2 hour FM radio broadcast called Breakfast With the Beatles. We both loved the Beatles so that Sunday start was fine by me. As we had kids, the kids came to enjoy the music too.

Many, many years later, while at my daughter’s house on a Sunday morning, I noticed that she had the Beatles playing on Alexa — not just one song but song after song. I smiled and asked if she remembered that her father used to play the Beatles on Sunday mornings. “Yes! That’s why I play the Beatles every Sunday morning!”

It was good to know that it was a fond memory from her childhood that she was hanging on to and carrying on. I’ve looked for a radio show like that but haven’t found it. We don’t live in southern California anymore and I don’t know if it was a local broadcast. I just can’t find anything like that with Beatles music. So I’ve created my own Breakfast With the Beatles playlist. It’s playing now. I’m glad that modern technology let’s us do that easily.

Gotta go listen to the song that’s playing right now, with a little help from my friends. I’ll get by.

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Silent Sunday, 1-30-22

Kihei, Maui

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About 6 years ago, my heater stopped working. My daughter’s boyfriend’s came over to see what was wrong and try to fix it. It turned out that the part that had worn away couldn’t be replaced because the unit was so old that they no longer make the parts for it.

Since then, I have been heating the house with two infrared room heaters. This year one didn’t fire up when I plugged it in. The other one did and was doing great since October. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, it stopped working. It turns on and it blows hot air but it’s just not doing the high setting that I need. It was okay at first. I layered my clothes and piled on the blankets. But then our temperatures dropped. Dropped way down. That meant I wasn’t going to be able to heat the house enough for me to be here.

Of course, heaters are expensive right now because of the cold weather all over. And of double course, I live off of one thousand dollars a month total. After rent and insurance and gas for the car, there’s not enough left to buy a heater or even save up for one.

The past two weeks have dipped into freezing temperatures with ice and snow on the ground. So I spent a week and a half at my daughter’s. But I can’t stay there forever. I came home yesterday. Temps were finally out of the freezing zone. Still in the lower 30s but at least above 32. At first I thought it would be okay but within a couple of hours, it got so cold in here that my head hurt. It felt like my head was going to crack open. Again, I put on multiple layers of clothes and blankets but it helped little. I covered my head completely. At one point I was afraid to go to sleep because I knew if I did, I wouldn’t wake up.

Today’s mission, whether I choose to accept it or not, is to go out into that cruel world, masked, and try to find a heater I can afford. I don’t think I can go through another night like last night.

Wish me luck. Hope and pray I can find one for less than $80. That’s all I can afford and even that will be stretching things. Peter will have to look the other way while Paul reaches for the money.

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Yup! A new grand baby made me smile this past week. She was born on the 26th which was her actual due date! We had sort oped she would come a day early so she would share my birthday but that’s okay, she is here and she and mama are safe!

My daughter didn’t tell us the baby was here until the next day! Baby didn’t have a name until she was discharged on Wednesday.

The funny thing is that they hadn’t told anyone at all the name they were thinking of. On Tuesday night I had a dream that the baby was named Spirit. On Wednesday afternoon, my daughter messaged that they had banned the baby Alma Luz which means Spirit Light in Spanish. She’s a beautiful baby but I don’t have my daughter’s okay to share pictures so I can’t post any to prove it, you’ll have to take my word for it!😃

So this week brought a new granddaughter, bringing the total of my grandchildren to six. And I got another one of those uncanny dreams that I get sometimes.

What made you smile this week? Stop by Trent’s blog and let us know if drop a link to your post there.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Santa Tip For Mom and Dad

Kids, in my experience, are so excited about Santa and Christmas that they can’t settle down and go to bed on Christmas Eve. That makes things tough for Mom and Dad because they have to wait until the children are in bed and fast asleep before welcoming Santa to bring all the gifts and place them under the tree. Mom and Dad are exhausted by Christmas Eve and sometimes they have to help Santa by assembling toys before they can be placed under the tree.

By the end of the evening, the last thing they want to munch and drink are cookies and milk left for them by the dear, sweet children, hoping to sway Santa so he ignores all the red check marks next to their name indicating the times they were naughty.

One year, after many of managing everything by myself, as a single parent, I told the kids that Santa, by the time he got to our house, was tired of eating cookies and drinking milk. What if they left something different as a treat for Santa? They wondered aloud what they could possibly leave that Santa would enjoy as he sat and relaxed for a few minutes before boarding his magical sleigh to deliver toys to other deserving children. I suggested they leave a small glass of brandy and something more substantial than cookies, maybe one of the tamales I had made the day before. They jumped at the idea and sure enough, they left the brandy and tamale for Santa. That was just the treat I this Santa’s helper needed as she placed all the packages under the tree and made sure there were batteries in the ones that needed them.

So, the takeaway from this is: Mom and Dad, tell your kids Santa has had his fill of milk an cookies by the time he gets to your house. Suggest something a little more potent. Brandy, Kahlua, Bailey’s, those will all do the trick!

May you be jolly and happy as you help Santa with his arduous task! Merry Christmas, one and all!

Santa’s helper and her fans!

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Photo by Corina Carrasco

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5 Desserts

This week, for 5 Things Tuesday, we are asked to list our 5 favorite desserts to have with coffee.

There are so many yummy things to enjoy with coffee. It’s difficult to come up with the top five but I’ll try.

Pan dulce or sweet bread would be one of the top choices. In particular, I would choose a concha which means shell in Spanish and I’m sure many of you know which ones I’m referring to. They’re sweet where the sugar is in top but the inside is usually not overly sweet. That makes it a good choice that won’t another the coffee’s flavor and perfect for dunking!

Second, how about a biscotti? Whether a simple traditional biscotti or a fancier flavored and iced one, they’re simplicity is ideal to accompany coffee.

Pumpkin pie would be my next thing to accompany my morning or afternoon or evening coffee. As pies go, pumpkin is my favorite. Rich, filling, satisfying. I enjoy other kinds of pie with coffee too (apple mostly) but as this is Thanksgiving week, I’m dreaming of pumpkin pie.

Cake. Chocolate cake. Mmmm. Who can resist a piece of cake with a delicious cup of coffee? I can’t!

Finally, probably the most common, donuts. There are so many to choose from but you may have guessed that my favorite with coffee would be a plain old fashioned one or maybe an uniced cake donut.

Mostly, I enjoy the coffee so I don’t really want a dessert that would overtake that flavor. What’s your favorite coffee dessert?


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