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This was supposed to be my month to get back to my blog and to nanowrimo but I guess life had other plans for me.

In the last month I have gone through a severe infection in two of my molars then non surgical extraction of the same molars where the dentist basically numbed the area and just yanked on the two molars until they came out. An hour and a half later they were gone and it was very painful. Then while babysitting at my daughter’s house her renter, who is an alcoholic, got drunk and went after my daughter. She physically attacked her and I got in the middle of it to keep her from hitting my daughter so I got hit, too. Not fun. Then the next day at home I tripped in the hallway of my house and broke my arm. My right arm, and dislocated my shoulder and sprained my wrist so for the last 12 or so days I have been in a lot of pain and in a sling for my right arm and a brace for my wrist. Basically, I cannot move my right arm without great pain.

That all leaves me at the mercy of speech-to-text apps which are not great. Currently, I am trying to work with the speech to text feature of the Google keyboard on my Android phone. Not perfect and not exactly convenient but it will have to do.

Somehow, it seems like life always has different plans for me than the ones that I have made. I am trying to read blogs and trying to like where I can but movement of my right hand really hurts so that might not happen and commenting isn’t really easy especially if there’s a lot of people around or if I’m in public where I can’t really use the speech to text, not that I have been leaving the house. I haven’t except to go to the doctor and back but the kids are almost always here and I can’t really be talking with them in the room playing and sometimes arguing and sometimes with the computer on. I’m trying to make do as best I can.

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Tomorrow there will be remembrance posts about 9/11 and I was going to write one but tomorrow is also the day that Spencer (my six year old grandson) will be having kidney surgery and I will be preoccupied with that. I’m going to try to not worry. I can’t even be there with my daughter  (Tina) because it’s in the afternoon and I have to be at her house with the other kids who will be home from school by then. Luckily, my other daughter (Susie) volunteered to go to the hospital to be with Tina before I even asked her to. Yay for sisters and family!

It’s a three hour surgery. And of course, they probably won’t start on time so it may be late by the time I get any post-op word.  Can you tell I’m already nervous? I’m babbling!  Anyway, if you read this today or tomorrow, please hold a good thought and send positive energy!

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Wordless Wednesday

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White Towels

I’ve never been one to get white anything. No white clothes (except when I had an office job and wore white shirts with my pantsuit … yeah, about a gazillion years ago). No white blankets. No white houses. No white cars. No white. It’s just not something I would choose. I think it’s because there are so many colors and white is the absence of color.

So today I am using a white towel. I have two. Well, not exactly white. I’m dying my hair. It has been about nine months since I dyed it and it is now about three-fourths white. So it was more than time. I have to babysit for the next five days straight while my daughter is out of town so before I start that, I decided to spend an hour on myself to dye my hair. That’s when I pulled out my white towels.

White towels to dye my hair? I must be crazy!

It all goes back to when my daughter and I lived alone, just the two of us. I sent her in to Kmart one evening to get my a cheap towel to use to dye my hair. I didn’t want to use my pretty new yellow towels and ruin them. So she came out of the store and we drove home. When I got the towel out to start dying my hair, it was a white towel that she had picked. I asked her why white, was she crazy? She laughed her silly sixteen year old laugh and said, “It’s fun, mom! It starts out white and after awhile we will be able to see all the colors we used to dye our hair! Let’s see how long it takes until there’s no more white!”

I rolled my eyes but I couldn’t help laughing. So that was about ten or twelve white towels ago. Now, every time I have to replace one of my “hair dye towels” I pick white because it reminds me my silly teen aged Susie and I go way back to her giggle and sense of humor!

Okay, gotta go! My timer just went off so I have to go wash out the dye!

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I didn’t think I would have much to smile about this week but I was wrong. This is one instance where it is good to be wrong…the smile scale!

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. The music from those years is what brings all those years back to me. This was a great weekend for music and memories. As most of you may know, this weekend was the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock, 1969 super music fest that lasted three days and changed so much. I didn’t go to Woodstock in 1969. I was thirteen years old. I remember staying in my bedroom with my older sister that weekend. We listened to the radio as much as we could. The station we played gave updates and live reports about who was on stage and what was going on at the festival grounds.

Thanks to Robin at Breezes At Dawn who reminded me, I was able to listen to a lot of the re-broadcast of the festival on xpn.com.  It was truly smile inducing and had me singing a long. I got to hear Joan Baez and CCR. I heard Sly, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. Canned Heat. The Who. Blood, Sweat & Tears. Yeah. If you grew up then, you are smiling now, right?

I missed a lot but I will look up what I missed and listen to it throughout the week. I’m sure I will be smiling right along with the music!

The Weekly Smile is a weekly blog hop hosted by Trent at Trent’s World. Here is his smile from this week. What made you smile this week?

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Just Stuff

This week has been rather interesting. It started out to be a normal one, or what has become normal this summer. Then on Wednesday, my daughter came home with the bad news that she had lost her job. We think it may be partly because she missed an entire week when Spencer was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. But she was really working on a temporary week to week basis. There was, possibly, the opportunity to stay on permanent after September but apparently, they did not choose her to stay on. A number of other temporary workers were let go, too.

That meant that I got to come home and  I am not needed up there for then next week. So I get a break. But I miss them! I am so used to being there and taking care of them and playing with them. Here at home I am alone and there is no one to talk to. No other voices. No one.

I have tried a bit of blog catching up but I did not get very far, yet. I will keep at it! Right now I have to change my keyboard back to English. I had set it to Spanish when I did a translation a couple of months ago so it does not type my punctuation so I end up typing strange.  Like does not instead of doesn . See? no punctuation. In order to get punctuation, I have to hit that key twice and hope it is the right punctuation and not an accent or a tilda!  I also have to figure out how to change up the settings on Facebook because right now, every time I hit enter it posts. That is not what I want. I want to hit enter to go to a new line! I have to figure that out!

Well, that is about all tonight. It is almost midnight but I wanted to get in another blog post this week and the Weekly Smile did not quite come to me so here is just stuff!

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It´s pretty scary raising kids. There are so many things that can go wrong. They get sick; they act up; they get in trouble at school; some have learning issues. Through it all, it´s pretty scary but you get through it. And you´re done.  With a sigh of relief, you pat yourself on the back and know you´ve done your best.

Then come the grandkids and it is even scarier. For one thing, you know all the things that can go wrong. Then there´s the fact that things are not under your control. They have their own parents that make decisions and, for the most part, you have to stand by and support those decisions. Yes, you can offer opinions and suggestions but you can´t push. At least I cannot.  I watch and listen and, when appropriate, I will offer my two cents. But it is all very scary, nonetheless.

That´s what is going on here in my little corner of the world. First it was summer break and the kids were all ready with a day care plan but that didn´t work out because the kids don´t like going to the  woman who was going to watch them. She watches all her grandchildren at the same time so I think our boys just are not used to all of the noise and no technology and other kids, most of them younger than them. So I am called on to go watch them. No problem. Then Spencer got sick and was hospitalized. So I was not only watching the others and trying to be supportive of my daughter, I was also running back and forth to the hospital, their house, and my house! After seven days in the hospital, he was discharged but I had to still be there because he had to be watched and given his medicine on a strict schedule. Now we are looking at major surgery for the little guy (he´s six) and the start of another school year and everything is up in the air.

In the meantime, there is no time for me to see my doctors and get my tests done. The distance between the boys where I need to be and my doctors makes it difficult. And the schedule changes constantly so I am on call every day, all day. I cannot plan “my stuff.¨

And so it´s tough. It´s scary. But that´s my life right now.

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Tires – Weekly Smile

I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks. Last Sunday was Spencer’s sixth birthday and I was not going to miss it. The antibiotic for my ear infection had taken care of the horrible pain and most of my symptoms were gone so I headed to the party, half an hour away. I didn’t do much but sit and watch the kids and I spoke to a couple of the parents.

When it was time to leave, my daughter went out and brought my car to the door so I wouldn’t have to walk a block in heavy rain. As she handed me my keys she said she could now see how bad my tires were. I had been telling her my tires were bald and I was watching for at least a couple of used tires in my Buy Nothing Group as I don’t have money for anything but car insurance and the electric bill after I pay my rent. Then she said the magic words! “Find out how much it is to get all four and I’ll buy them for you.” I know money is tight for her but I also know that she wouldn’t offer if she couldn’t do it. I had her take a picture of the size with my phone and I called the tire store the next day. I now have four new tires! I feel much safer now that my car doesn’t skid around on the wet streets!

That’s what I’m smiling about this week. What are you smiling about? Head over to Trent’s Blog and check out the Weekly Smile and maybe share yours.

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As my parents drove away, I felt the lump in my throat. This is what I had wanted but it was still scary. I was on my own. What if I failed? I couldn’t go back home. What would I do? I looked at the ancient buildings that had been a sanctuary of learning for a hundred years. I would be walking the same halls as presidents had walked. Could I do this? The self-doubt grew inside of me.

I breathed in deeply then let it out slowly, releasing the doubts. No time for that. I had things to learn!

Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

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The past three weeks have been different as we get used to a new routine. With the kids in full time daycare, I’m not needed as much. However, we haven’t gotten into a routine because things keep popping up. The kids now live in Vancouver, Washington. You may have heard that there is an outbreak of measles in Clark County. That’s the county that covers Vancouver. Over half of the exposure sites are within a couple of miles of where they live. The daycare classes that the kids are in have kids that attend one of the elementary schools with confirmed cases of measles. The boys have been vaccinated but Maya had not been. My daughter does not like to vaccinate with the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)until after age three. Maya turned two over the weekend. So it became a challenge to keep her from possible exposure. She stayed home from daycare and I stayed with her. She finally was able to get an appointment to get vaccinated against the measles. Then we were told she would be considered “safe” after ten days. My daughter was between jobs so she stayed home for her for a week then she had to start her new job so I stayed with her. She’s finally safe, or as safe as can be with the first of the two vaccines. [There are two vaccines. The first is given between 9 and 15 months and the second between 15 months and 6 years. The first vaccine is 93% effective and the second bumps the immunity up to 97%.]

Then the weather changed just in time for me to go up there for Maya’s birthday and get snowed-in! So I was up there again for a couple of days. I’m home. I’m a little sad (depressed, actually) because I miss them.

So where’s the smile? Well, after not seeing me for a week and a half, I went up there for Maya’s birthday and got up there early so I went to get the kids from daycare. They weren’t expecting me. When the boys saw me, they did a double take. Then we walked over to get Maya. I didn’t even have to call her name. She heard the door open and looked in that direction. She saw me and she tore off running toward me faster than you would guess a 2 year old could run. With outstretched arms, she jumped into my arms and grabbed a hold of me around my neck with a death grip! She put her little head on my shoulder and just held on tight. THAT was my smile. She missed me that much.

As I sit here typing this, although I’ve been depressed these couple of days since I last saw her, this memory is bringing back more smiles and I’m pretty sure that when I see her again next Sunday, she’ll be just as happy to see me. I’ll be staying with the kids while their mom works and the school and daycare are both closed for Presidents’ Day. I’m looking forward to that.

What made YOU smile this week? Tell us about it in your own #WeeklySmile post and head over to Trent’s Blog to check out more smiles.

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