Oh Baby, Baby!

If we were having coffee this morning, it would be indoors as I’m in Seattle and it’s raining and a bit on the cool side. I would be yawning and obviously tired but I would also be very happy to share my news with you. I know I teased a bit about it yesterday so I will tell you now that the week has been horrendously stressful. We almost lost my daughter-in-law. She and the baby were both in distress but she is home now and we are going back and forth to the hospital to see the baby who is still in the NICU.

His due date was the 18th. He had threatened to come at 27 weeks but he stayed in mommy until his due date. At that point mom was still not having good quality contractions but she had developed a fever and other symptoms so she went in to the hospital where they determined that she had a pretty bad infection and was leaking amniotic fluid. The doctor decided to induce immediately. That was midnight Wednesday morning. By 8 am she had progressed to 8 cm dilation but then everything stopped. She and the baby began to show signs of cardiac distress so at 4 pm they decided it was time for a C section. Then we didn’t hear anything for hours and hours (actually about 5 hours but it seemed like an eternity). When my son called, he said that although both baby and mom were safe, things didn’t go well in the C section. Mama had severe bleeding. She lost 40% of her blood. There were also problems with her uterus which would not contract as it should. First they thought they were going to have to do a hysterectomy then things got even worse with bleeding and they thought they were going to lose her. Miracles happen. They were able to stabilize her but they immediately transferred her to another hospital for high risk post op monitoring. The baby, in the meantime, was having problems breathing because he swallowed a bunch of “gunk” during labor. He also has an infection from all of that. So baby stayed behind when mama was transferred. It was only my son here to go back and forth from one hospital to the other and deal with decisions and logistics. They had not wanted anyone up here until they got home from the hospital so none of the grandparents were here when everything happened. I drove up right away (I’m about 4 hours away). So I’m here. Mama was released Friday morning and went straight to the hospital to meet baby who was born Wednesday night. Baby will remain in the NICU until Wednesday as they are doing a full course of IV antibiotics for the infection. He is off of oxygen so now he can have visitors.

So here’s Matias meeting his Nana…


Matias Gael, 8 lbs., 2 oz and 20.5 inches, meeting Nana

So it has been a high stress week. I meant to blog about other things but my mind has not been settled enough to do so during this time. Now that mama is out of danger and I have seen the baby, I can relax a bit. I will be up here for another day or two then go home and come back again in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I won’t get to see him out of the hospital and without wires and tubes (that’s the IV for antibiotics in his head in the picture) during this trip but I will when I come back in a couple of weeks.

There was too much excitement and stress to do much of anything this week, blogging, reading, or anything else. I did do a lot of streaming of movies because it kept my mind occupied so I wouldn’t think of all the ways things could go wrong. Tell me about your week. Are you reading anything? Do you have a movie to recommend? What is up with you?

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Hitting the Fan

Things are happening here at home so I’ve been absent. I can’t discuss it yet but I think this weekend’s coffee share will fill everyone in on things.

In the meantime, I have been thinking a lot about graduations and new beginnings. I guess it’s the season. I was going to write a whole post on graduations then things started happening on Tuesday and I couldn’t see writing that post or anything else.

What about you? Any graduation related memories? Tell me!

Well, I got my new phone yesterday. My daughter bought me the one with all the bells and whistles! And I picked the gold color because it reminds me of yellow and yellow is my favorite color. This one has a lot of memory. However, it’s not all set up yet. I’m looking for an app that will tell me which apps can be moved to the SD card without rooting the phone. I had one on my old phone but it won’t work on the new one (newest Android operating system, Marshmallow, I think). I can’t find any in the Play store or the Amazon App store. Anyone know of one? I don’t want to root the phone and I don’t know on my own which ones I can move. I also want to look around and see if there are newer apps that can replace some of the older ones. It seems that I am still using very old apps that are not as functional as they were when I got my first android six years ago. So it will be a few days before I can stop playing with it and get it all the way I want it.

I was just looking at my FB memory feed and saw that a year ago today was when I thought I was having some post op complications and called the hospital. They connected me to the doctor on call. It was not quite eleven at night and the doctor on call fell asleep as I was telling her my symptoms and my worries and vitals. Fell asleep. Asleep asleep. With snoring. I kept yelling “hello” into the phone to wake her up. Eight minutes of loud snoring. I was so, so, so upset. On top of my worries about my incision possibly being infected, I had to deal with a physician who was asleep. Luckily, it all turned out okay and although I did end up having to go up to the hospital the next day when I was able to talk to a doctor who was awake, it all ended up okay. But that really upset me. I didn’t file a report. Everyone said I should. I didn’t because it was too stressful to deal with and I figured she had been sufficiently embarrassed when the rest of the staff found out what had happened. I just hope she never did that again with other patients.

I have to trot off soon to help my daughter with the boys. By the way, it was really funny when we were at Costco dealing with changing wireless carriers. Spencer wouldn’t go to his mom. Only to me. He kept saying “my nana; my nana” and pulling away from my daughter. Anderson wouldn’t stay with her either. He wanted me. Funny how they want me all the time. (Could it have anything to do with the fact that I always have a treat in my purse or pocket? Nah. It’s me they want!)

For those of you following the fire in Canada, Fort McMurray, it may be of interest to you that Jamberry nails (I’m an independent consultant) is currently offering a special nail wrap and donating proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross to use for relief at Fort McMurray. As of yesterday morning, they had raised over $45,000 U.S. through the sail of this wrap. It is only available through Sunday night. If you are interested, let me know in comments or in email through the sidebar. I’ll put the link here but WP may delete it.

I have never made a fuss about it (in fact I never even pay attention to it) but the other day I got this in my WordPress comments:

wordpress nine years.png

I’ve had a couple of emotional days this week. It was the anniversary of my dad’s death, first one. And the day after it was my brother’s birthday which is always tougher for me than the anniversary of his death. So lots of emotions all bundled up with Mother’s Day.

You might recall that my cell phone died back in February and I resuscitated a very old Samsung Galaxy (3). That’s what I’ve been using. We finally figured out what we were doing carrier-wise so my daughter signed us up for new service and phones. I picked the cheapest phone, which after rebate, would be an out and out purchase price of $42. Not bad. But today I have been trying to set it up and it has been very frustrating because, although it’s nice, half of the storage space on the device is taken up by system files and carrier bloatware. So with only a fraction of my apps loaded on it, I only had less than a GB left, even after moving everything possible to the memory card. So that is not going to work, especially since this phone has to last me as long as maybe five years! So Thursday I have to go back in with my daughter to get it switched for the phone I really wanted but can’t afford. My daughter offered to get it for me! It’s a lot for her to pay so I will try to pay her at least for some of it but I am really excited about it! Yay. Let’s see if it happens, you know how things always get in the way of what you want. We’ll see. New toy! New toy!

Anderson and I are breezing through home schooling. This week I had him come to my house and we brought all his books. So with no interruptions, we are getting through four hours of course work in about an hour and a half to two hours…with a lengthy break included. Today we finished the last Math lesson for the year so I am going to have him play some logic games and do some computation sheets and money. I think Monday we will finish the P.E. course and the Science. Yay. That leaves some enrichment time and maybe some subject appropriate field trips. The end is in sight. Next year we are doing a different online academy that is run by a local school so it looks like it’s better. More contact with the academy staff and more personalized material and lessons.   Yay! Yay!

I think that’s about it here. At least for now.


Saw We Cha We

Kids pick up our speech patterns, words, and phrases quite quickly. You may remember that I have mentioned my three year old grandson, Spencer, who is speech delayed. So hold that thought.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the high dessert because my daughter’s boyfriend had an all day job up there and it’s a long drive, just under four hours in each direction, so it was a “stay over” trip and my daughter wanted me to go to help her with the boys while her boyfriend was at work. Anderson is six and is getting into a stage where he insists on getting his way. It doesn’t work but he keeps trying it. So he wanted some kind of treat and we all said no. We offered a less sugary treat but he said no and again voiced his desire for the sugary treat and when mom and dad said no, he turned to me. I said no, too but this time I added a phrase that I used with my kids all the time, “sorry Charlie.” And as he pouted, Spencer piped up with a big smile on his face and said, “saw we cha we” and we all laughed because it sounded so cute. So now, every time I say it, he smiles wide and says, “saw we cha we.”

It cracks us all up and he gets a big laugh out of making us laugh.

So, this rambunctious three year old had a very active day on Thursday. In less than an hour’s time, he did all of this: brought in a sand pail full of dirt from the planter on their deck and dumped it in the kitchen. My daughter had a fit and sent him out while she swept and ran the vacuum. I was in the next room. When the vacuum went off, I heard her say, “You little monster!” I went in to see what was up and Spencer had come back into the kitchen while she had her back turned vacuuming and had dumped a bucket full of dirt into their cooler, food cooler, which was still out from the trip a few days prior. So he got sent out again while she cleaned up. When she finished cleaning up, she casually looked out the window and I heard her say “What’s the hose doing in my car?!” We both ran out to see Spencer shutting the door to her car with the hose inside of it…with water running out of the car! He was sent inside while my daughter tried to get the water out and dry the seat. Finally, she gave up on drying the seat but managed to get the floor and the inside of the door dried. She came inside to change her now soaked clothes. She was in the bathroom when, all of the sudden, all the lights went out. I turned to see Spencer shutting the door to the circuit box. I went over and my daughter came out and we tried to figure out which ones he had shut off. Spencer came over and showed us…he had pulled the main switch. She fixed it. But was exhausted. I took the boys into the other room so she could breathe for a second. I sat Spencer on my lap and talked to him softly but firmly. I explained that he had made a lot of extra work for his mommy and she was already tired and not feeling well. I asked him if he was sorry and he nodded. So I asked him to go over to his mommy and tell her he was sorry. He walked over to her with a big smile on his face and said:

“Saw we cha we!”


What made you smile this week? Come check out Trent’s Weekly Smile and join us in sharing a few smiles…they’re contagious!

Mother’s Day 2016


Mother’s Day is an emotion filled day for so many people.  Yesterday I read several Facebook status updates expressing a need/want to not see anything related to Mother’s Day. These came from women who have lost their mothers recently and the hurt is still too fresh. In one case, it came from a woman who had a miscarriage and hasn’t been able to conceive again. That’s understandable. But it’s not fair to the rest of us. I don’t want to hurt their feelings but I also need to express mine.

It occurred to me that Mother’s Day is not just the celebration of our own mothers or of particular mothers. It’s a celebration of Motherhood. So I suppose that if I didn’t have a mom to celebrate, I would still celebrate motherhood. Your motherhood, your neighbor’s, your sister’s, your mother’s, your daughter’s, and every mother’s motherhood. It’s a sacred gift to be celebrated.

I’m a mom, too. And although my kids have forgotten many times, I celebrate MY motherhood. I love being a mom and now a grand mom, which to me is still a mom. So even if no one remembers or does anything for me, it’s a special day for me…a day to reflect and be proud of the job I’ve done as a mother.

That’s a pretty special day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, even if it isn’t Mother’s Day in your country. May your motherhood be celebrated!

If you’re in the mood to read a memoir piece I wrote about my mom some years back, click here. I hope you enjoy it.

A “Me” Day

If we were having coffee, I think I would suggest we go outside. We can sit in the front porch. It’s covered and enclosed so, while it is quite warm out, there’s also a very nice breeze that would let us enjoy our drinks in the fresh outdoors.

I’m so glad that April is over. I’m ready for sunny days and lots of outdoors time. Aren’t you? I sure am and so are Anderson and Spencer who love running around outside but don’t get to when it’s raining or cold. Last night Tina came over to bring me some things she picked up for me at Costco and the boys wanted to stay. It was still light out and early enough so we played out front. I have a big bin of sidewalk chalk so they drew all over the driveway and the front. The little one got my bin of love rocks and arranged them all over the front yard. He took his time and did each one very carefully. I was impressed. He’s only just turned 3. Then they got the box of Halloween decorations out and played with the 3 foot plastic skeletons in the yard. Of course I have to stay out there with them so we also got out the two chairs we never use and sat out there waiting for their mom to come get them. All in all, it was a very nice couple of hours outside.

Today is a quiet day, I think. I slept in. Then sat up and got caught up on about 30 games of Words With Friends. That took about an hour because some of the ladies I was playing with were online so by the time I finished all my turns, it was my turn again with some ot them. And I am going to dye my hair at some point but I’m not in a hurry. It’s a me day. I don’t get the boys today so I am being lazy for as long as I can. Then I will dye my hair and have some lunch and I want to fix an area here so that I can do the home schooling with Anderson here at my house where there are fewer distractions. He has toys here so when we take breaks, he will have something to do. I’ve also loaded some of the same websites that we use for the home schooling onto his Kindle Fire. They are videos he really likes to watch and learn from so they are on there and now maybe he’ll also learn while taking a break! It’s a website called Jr. Brainpop in case you have little ones that might like it. We use it for the science videos. They’re pretty engaging with a little girl that narrates and a cute robot as her sidekick.

I started watching the second season of Grace and Frankie last night. I enjoyed the first season so I am looking forward to watching the entire second season later tonight. It’s a Netflix original and stars Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin as the female leads with Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen as the male leads. It’s good to see a show with older people as the main characters. The premise is that the men are law partners and the women are their wives who don’t like each other but are thrown together by their husbands who always have to do things together, like holidays and vacations. Their kids have grown up together too. One couple has two grown daughters and the other two grown sons.  In  the first episode of the first season we find out, along with their wives, that the two men are actually lovers and are divorcing their wives to marry each other. It’s a comedy so there are some very poignant moments as we feel their pain with some laughter involved. I won’t tell you more. You’ll have to check it out. It’s on Netflix.

I also want to go back to the last book on my Kindle and finish that. I think I am about 40% but haven’t picked it up since February! I will finish it this week and get on to some more fabulous books!

And of course, I continue watching my phone for word that my daughter-in-law has gone into labor. No news yet. Doctor says all is ready. He has dropped and she has stopped working. So now the “fun” of waiting is in earnest. The due date is not until the 18th so we have time but we’re watching for him now!

That’s about it on my end. Tell me about you! What are you up to? Please do tell.


I took them to Build A Bear to pick something out. I had gift cards for them from Christmas that I hadn’t given them because they had so much at Christmas so we used them this week. Here they are giving their bear  and dragon (Anderson pick a storm trooper bear and Spencer’s is Toothless from How to Train You Dragon) and brushing them while I paid! They were soooo into it!


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