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My daughter’s friend was in town for a few days so we meet up with her for lunch then ice cream. Here’s a collection of photos from the North Alberta neighborhood. 



​Last night,  I dropped off  Tina  and the boys but Spencer didn’t want to stay.  He kept saying “Too. Night night Nana room. Pease.”  I was beat so I hesitated and Tina distracted him so I could leave but he’s Sunday and realized what s going on so he came running  toward my car and tripped and fell. He didn’t want his mommy to pick him up. He wanted me. I picked him up and told Tina to go in and get his Pooh blanket and I bright him home. But he wouldn’t sleep.  He had my laptop, watching a movie (that’s how  he  falls asleep at home) and kept experimenting with the touch screen. Then he fit it off my bed and wandered around, looking at everything. He’s fascinated with electrical stuff and he found an old set of portable speakers I used to use did my iPod. Half an hour  later Tina texted to see if he was asleep and I texted back… 

“I tell you this child is going to go into something he can do with his hands.  He found little portable speakers so I showed him what they do by hooking them up to the laptop. Now he keeps plugging them in and unplugging them.  He’s fascinated and trying to figure out how they work.”

I finally gave  up and drove him home in just his diaper. It was pretty warm out and I was too tired to get him dressed. So today I’m exhausted. I’m going to spend the day reading a friend’s book project until I go  babysit at 8 tonight. 


Awww! #Weekly Smile

This just happened this evening and I posted it on Facebook but then I decided it’s too sweet to not share here, too!

For about the last 7 months, Spencer had stuck himself to me like Super Glue and Anderson has become a stay at home boy. I’ve missed doing things with him, just the two of us. Tonight I was supposed to take them both to the play land at McDonald’s. Spencer fell asleep and we were going to wait for him to wake up but Anderson asked if I could take just him. I checked with Tina and she said go ahead and she and Spencer would do something when he woke up. So we were in the car and had this conversation…

Anderson : This feels so weird.
Me: What feels weird?
Anderson : Me and you going someplace together without Spencer.
Me: Is that good or bad?
Anderson : Well it’s good because I never get to go with you alone but I love my brother and I kinda miss him.


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My daughter,  Susie,  had her birthday yesterday. She and her boyfriend went to Bend for  a couple of days. I went over to feed her cats did her a few times. After the first time,  I texted her to let her know everything was okay with the cats. 

This stopped  my heart.  Did I accidentally left one of when I went in the door? I jumped up reflexively, perhaps to jump in the car to go look for Gato #8, then this came through:

And although I should have scolded her for  scaring  me,  I laughed. Every time I think of it I smile. 

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Happy Birthday, Baby!

This was my post on this day last year. Susie is now 26! I won’t get to see her today because she and her boyfriend went out of town for her birthday but I will get to see her cats when I go feed them in a while. I took her to her for a birthday dinner on Sunday. There’s so much to say about my Susie but this will have to suffice for now.

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Well, she’s not a baby anymore but she’s my baby.  Susie, my youngest turns 25 today.  It doesn’t seem possible.

A while back, we started (well, the kids started not me) to see who could be the first to wish the other a happy birthday and they tried to do it right at midnight.  If they were physically nearby, it was a hug and a “happy birthday”.  If they weren’t nearby, it was a phone call, and later a text.  With me, it was easy because everyone was always up at midnight on my birthday, but with the others, not so much.  One year, when it was just the two of us left at home, I was watching the clock and waiting for midnight.  She was in her room.  I went in about ten minutes before midnight and asked her if she was excited for her birthday.  I think it…

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That Girl

There’s a song that was featured in the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics that has a special place in my heart. It’s the classic bossa nova tune, The Girl From Ipanema. While I have loved that song since the first time I heard it in the 60’s, I didn’t know much of the background. I just knew I loved it. When I was a senior in high school, I competed in the Junior Miss Pageant in my home town of San Jose, California. When we entered the auditorium from the back, we sauntered down the aisle to the front of the auditorium and up the stairs to take the stage and we did so to The Girl From Ipanema and so it became even more special to me.

It has been on my mind since the other night, the night it was featured in the opening ceremonies. Today, I decided to write about it and went hunting for the lyrics and instead found some background info on the song. I discovered that it inspired by an actual girl, only 17 at the time the song was written. Quoting Wikipedia, “She would sometimes enter the bar to buy cigarettes for her mother and leave to the sound of wolf-whistles.  In the winter of 1962, the composers saw the girl pass by the bar. Since the song became popular, she has become a celebrity.” The “she” is Helô Pinheiro who is now 71 years old. As I watched a video of her talking about how excited she was that the song was in the opening ceremony, I was somewhat angered because, even at 71 Pinheiro is a beauty. She could have easily been the one that sauntered across the stage while the song played, instead of the young model. In fact, she should have been the one. Instead, she was not even invited to the event. I guess they felt she was too old. That’s unfortunate because it’s another slap in the face of women all over the world who are discarded once they reach a certain age.I guess Americans are not the only ones that do that.

Read the wikipedia article. It’s very interesting. And watch the video for yourself and see if you don’t agree with me that she should have been the one to strut across that stage the other night.

Silent Sunday 


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