Seattle #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I would probably want caffeine, even though it’s almost 6 pm. That’s because I’m in Seattle visiting with the grand baby! My son and daughters in-law are going to a movie and dinner so I’m watching Mati tonight and I don’t want to be too sleepy. I need to be alert.

This is the highlight if the week for me. I’ve missed seeing him grow. It gas been a little over three months since I’ve seen him. He’s four months old.

Not too much to say. I will be posting about The Princess Bride tomorrow. I also hope to get in a Weekly Smile post in Monday. Oh, and remember last week I told you about doing tarot readings? It has been quite popular and I am definitely getting in my practice!

Tell me what you’re up to!

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New Ideas–#WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, we would definitely be inside. It has been very wet for the last couple of days. Not cold. Just very wet. We could sit at the table in the dining room and enjoy a chat while we watch the rain. And listen to it. I love the sound of the rain.

I would also tell you about Anderson. You may have read in my Tough Days post a few days ago, about him knocking his teeth out at the park and the aftermath. On Thursday he was very ill. That’s what happens when you don’t eat or drink anything for several days! Finally, on Friday, we reminded him about how his mom had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago because she couldn’t hold anything down and got sick. They had to hook her up to an IV to re-hydrate her. That convinced him to try to eat. He ate a mashed up banana and had a cup of apple juice. Later in the day, he wanted McDonald’s chicken nuggets so we took him but we had to cut everything up into tiny pieces…tiny fries…tiny chicken nuggets. He’s afraid to bite but he’ll chew. So he’s much better now but not quite back to himself just yet.

Spencer started preschool on Tuesday. It was the first day and only half the class went that day with the other half going on Wednesday. The whole class was supposed to be there on Thursday but we couldn’t take him because there was a downed power line across the entrance to the mobile home park so they were not letting anyone in or out of the driveway. So he missed school. The preschool is a Monday through Thursday program so his second day will be tomorrow. He liked it so I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting him to go.

I got this neat idea yesterday! I got on Facebook and offered my friends a free Tarot reading so I can get some practice. I’ve read the Tarot for over thirty years but am out of practice so I figured I would offer free readings for the next couple of weeks so I can practice. Then after that, I can start charging for them. That should help with a little bit of money coming in. I’m excited about it. I love the Tarot so this will be fun and, hopefully, a bit profitable. I have kept up with the rent but I haven’t had grocery money since July so I have been relying on what my daughter sends my way…mostly fruits and vegetables.  It would be nice to be able to afford a few groceries…like maybe something with protein in it. If any of you want a free reading and you’re one of my regular readers, let me know in the comments or sidebar comment box. I’m doing them for free for just a couple of weeks before I start charging.

I watched The Princess Bride the other night because I want to participate in the linkup next weekend. I will watch it again at least once more before I write a blog post about it.  I am also binge watching Gilmore Girls because I want to get through all seven seasons before the revival movies come on Netflix on November 25th. I’m on season 3 right now. While watching the shows, I keep getting flooded with memories of my own about some of the events on the show. I think I am going to start writing them up for blog posts or maybe a collection of memoir pieces inspired by watching the show. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

My biggest disappointment this weekend is that I had to postpone my trip to see my grandson in Seattle. I have something going on with my stomach and Anderson was vomiting and Tina wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t want to take the chance that I might be contagious and expose the baby or my son and daughter in law to any kind of bug I might have so I didn’t go. I’m waiting to hear from my son about rescheduling a visit. Crossing my fingers it is soon!

So what about YOU?  Reading? Watching? Writing? Weather?  Please do tell!


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A little bit of brightness we found on our walk the other day, in the middle of an industrial park!


Tough Days

This started out as a good week. Then Tuesday came along.

First, my writing class went well even though the grades 5 to 7 turned out to be 4 to 8 which is a much tougher group. Some of the kids have trouble writing a sentence, let alone a paragraph. And then there are the kids that can write three or four coherent pages in ten minutes. I’ll find a way.

Anderson was to be at a P.E. class in the gym while I had my writing class but on Monday night, my daughter read the requirements which include closed toe shoes which he doesn’t have. He’s been in sandals or flip flops all summer and doesn’t have closed shoes yet. So he stayed home while I went to the writing class. When I got home, I picked him up and we went to the Library to look for some books on clouds, rain, and why the leaves change color on trees (all questions he has been asking about). When we arrived at the library, it was closed until noon because it was the day they open late and close late, which we didn’t know. There is a park across the street from the Library so I asked Anderson if he wanted to make up for missing P.E. by playing at the park. It’s a park he has been going to since he was four (he’s now six) and we call it the Climbing Park because they have a variety of climbing structures. He was happy to have a half hour of play time so we went across the street. He played for about ten minutes then I noticed that he wasn’t playing but sitting and it looked like he was trying to spit something out and then he’d look at his hand. I started walking over to him and called out to see if he was okay. He started walking toward me and said he was okay but I could see blood all over his face. I asked if he hit his mouth and he said yes. I asked if he knocked his tooth out and he said no, it was still there. I looked. Nope. It wasn’t there. He had knocked out the top front tooth on his right side and the one on the left was dangling. Ouch. Blood ALL OVER. I didn’t want to upset him so I tried to keep my cool and tried to remember if these were his baby teeth or the permanent ones. I couldn’t remember so I took a picture of the missing tooth and the one that was dangling and texted it to my daughter who was dropping Spencer off for his first day of preschool. She said they were both baby teeth. That was good. Anderson wanted to come home. He didn’t want to play any more or wait for the library to open. He didn’t want to come to my house. I could hear him almost hyperventilating as we walked to my car. I brought him to his house to wait for my daughter to arrive. Poor Anderson was really upset but he didn’t cry or complain.

We took him for a special lunch at Olive Garden where he has the soup and bread sticks but he couldn’t eat either. He didn’t even drink the water. We took him for a special treat (a Lego set) which he picked out but then wanted to leave right away. He turned down ice cream. We went to collect Spencer after school and Anderson played a little bit but then when we got home, he just sat. No talking. No eating. No drinking. He doesn’t want to open his mouth because he doesn’t want anyone to see what it looks like. He still has not eaten and it has been almost 48 hours since his last meal. He won’t drink anything either. We got him to sip a tiny bit of water so he doesn’t get dehydrated. Then today we spent the day at the dental clinic (county services) and because it was a walk in, we ended up waiting over six hours for the dentist who took some x-rays and showed us how the permanent teeth are right under the gums, ready to pop through. My daughter wanted them to pull the tooth so he will eat and drink but the dentist said it would be traumatic for him and didn’t do it. So now we wait for the loose tooth to drop off so he can start eating. He’s afraid to swallow the tooth, that’s why he doesn’t want to eat or drink.

I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll lose that one soon but if he’s not eating or drinking, he won’t be helping the tooth to fall out. Not to mention that he has to eat something and start drinking so he doesn’t get weak and dehydrated.

Life is tough when you’re 6.

And life is tough when you’re the grandma that is hurting for her little one and worried about him.



Family. That’s what seems to be happening here. Lots of family “stuff.”

Of course, I have the two boys just down the street, that I seem to be spending about 99% of my time with. Now that school has begun, I am homeschooling Anderson again. He’s starting first grade but we’re starting him with second grade math because the first grade curriculum was all repeat of what he did in kindergarten math. So far, after just one week, it’s the right choice.

Then there is little Mati, who lives up in Seattle. I haven’t seen him since June, just before he turned one month. I will be driving up to Seattle on Friday and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll only get to spend a couple of days before driving back home on Sunday but at least I’ll get to see him for a bit. The pictures I’ve seen of him show that he’s getting so big! He’s alert. He has his own little personality, smiling in all the pictures. I am really looking forward to seeing him. I probably won’t see him again until Thanksgiving or Christmas so I’m glad I can squeeze in this visit.

And coming back home, there is also New Baby, or Tres (as in number three) as my daughter has begun to refer to New Baby. New Baby won’t arrive until late February or early March so we have a bit of a wait but I know it will fly by. My daughter goes for her ultra sound in less than a month…the one where they can tell the gender of the baby. She is going to have them write the gender on a paper and seal it in an envelope, take it to the bakery, and have them make a cake with either blue or pink filling in it. She has set the date for the reveal for October 15th. It will be a very small group. She has only invited her sister, a couple of friends, the other grandparents, and me.

With all of my grandchildren being boys, there’s a lot of joking going around. I would like a grand daughter. But then again, I would have liked the others to be a grand daughter but they weren’t and I still love them so much so I guess I will be happy with either one. I did have a dream the other night…two nights in a row, in fact…where I could see a little dark haired girl running around with the boys. I’m big on dreams and what they have told me n the past but I don’t have a strong feeling about the dreams this past week. Time will tell.

On Tuesday I will lead the first class session of a writing class (writing enrichment) for 5th through 7th grade. It’s only an hour a week so not too bad. It shouldn’t take too much planning time. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see how it goes and how many of the kids are awake for writing time at 9 am.

I think that’s it for this week. Not much else going on because there’s no time for reading. It seems that once I get home after home school and running errands with or for my daughter, I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep! So no time for anything else.

What about YOU? What is on your plate? Share?


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Hey — #WeeklySmile

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I was going over in my head what I plan to do for the first day of the writing class I’m teaching at the charter school. The first day will be next Tuesday and it will be a group of 5th through 7th graders. I was wondering what I should have them call me. It seems like the only thing anyone calls me is Nana but that’s not really appropriate for a class to call me. It crossed my mind that I could joke with them and tell them to call me  Hey You then my mind jumped backward to the time I was in kindergarten. I got dismissed before my siblings but we were all supposed to walk home together so when I got out of class I would sneak into the building where the other classes were but then I got caught and they said I couldn’t wait there so I would then go downstairs in the same building to my sister’s class. She was in first grade. Her teacher, Mrs. Baker, would let me come into the classroom and wait for my sister then when she got out, Mrs. Baker would let us both stay in her room until our older brother got out then we would all walk home together.

I liked Mrs. Baker. She was nice to us and she would let us help her clean the chalk board and  put the chairs up on the tables so the floor could be swept. She told me I should not be shy and that I should call her Mrs. Baker but somehow I couldn’t call her that so I would just say “hey” until I got her attention. She used to laugh and she would say that if I didn’t start calling her Mrs. Baker, she would start calling me Joey. I used to use my middle name at the time. My middle name is Joy. So Mrs. Baker started calling me Joey every time I said “hey” to her. I would tell her “My name is not Joey, it’s Joy.” She would answer, “My name is not Hey, it’s Mrs. Baker.” Eventually, I caught on and called her Mrs. Baker and she called me Joy.

That ancient memory brought a big smile. I had all but forgotten it over the past 50 plus years. I’m glad I remembered it.

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Family Ties

Today is my cousin Lydia’s birthday. She’s the daughter of my mom’s brother. She has always lived in Texas and I have seen her in person less than twenty times in my entire life yet she is family and I try to keep in touch with her, at least by reading her Face Book posts. I feel both close and distant from her (and my other Texas cousins). I think, from things she has said, she feels the same way.

Why the distant feelings? My mom is the oldest of the three siblings so my brothers and sisters and I were all born before my uncle’s kids. In fact, my youngest sister is the same age as Lydia. We always lived in California (I’m the only one of my siblings to live outside of California and that happened in 2008). My grandmother also lived in Texas all of her life. She used to take the Greyhound bus from Corpus Christi to San Jose every summer to stay with my family. She loved us and bragged about us all the time, which as a grandmother myself I understand. This bragging continued after my uncle’s kids were born. My grandmother raised two of my three cousins after my uncle’s divorce so she was very close to them, yet when the subject of my family came up, she showed her love for us by talking about us in glowing terms. When she came to see us in California she would tell us all about our cousins in Texas. She bragged about them and had a lot of pictures of them that she showed us constantly.

What did this cause? I think that my grandmother inadvertently created a spirit of competition and jealousy. My Texas cousins were jealous of us because she talked about us constantly when she wasn’t with us. She had our pictures all over her walls. Every time one of us did something she was proud of, from school work to a new tooth or winning a contest or a race, she bragged about it. So they were jealous of us. When she came to stay with us, she constantly spoke of our cousins and the day to day things they did together. They got to grow up with her and spend so much more time with her than we did. They got to hear the family stories and learn from her. I won’t speak for my siblings but I will say that I felt cheated. Not my cousins’ fault and not quite jealousy but I did feel like they were so lucky to spend so much more time with her than we did. In a way, my grandmother created a feeling within each of us that made us feel as if we were “less than” the Texas cousins and also made them feel that they were “less than” me and my sibings. Yet, I know I love my cousins and I am pretty sure there are some strong feelings on their side.

I think this has caused us to be even more distant than the physical miles between us. l wish I could fix it. I wish I could spend time with Lydia and my other cousins. I wish I could get to know her better. This has bothered me for so long. I guess it’s upon me to do something about it. Aside from wishing her a happy birthday on her FB wall, I think I’ll make it a point to check in on her at least once a week and start some sort of dialog. The miles are great but I am hoping that the family ties are much stronger than the miles.

If we were having coffee, we would be indoors. The weather is changing here. This is the third day of rain and it’s pretty cool out. I think it’s about 55 degrees. Not cold yet but I see that coming sooner than later.  I’ve also got a cough and a bit of a fever so I am guzzling liquids…tea instead of coffee. It’s kind of a “bundle up” day. So keep your distance but let’s talk!

Some of you have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do. This summer has been tough. I’ve been feeling like my life is spiraling out of control. I’ve been with my daughter and the boys constantly. She is pregnant and has been having a really tough time with morning sickness. We’ve spent several days at doctors appointments with her and one day in the emergency room so they could re-hydrate her with an IV treatment. She is getting a little better as time goes but is still not doing great. So I’ve been spending all my days there, not coming home until after 7. I’m pretty much exhausted by the time I get home and I end up falling asleep sitting up on the couch within ten or fifteen minutes of walking in the door. So yeah, I’m glad school is starting next week. That means a schedule to stick to.

I’ll be homeschooling the six year old again this year. It’s a different program which will let us schedule as we want. Last year’s program had us doing certain lessons each day and if we didn’t complete them, they would show up as LATE, which put pressure on us to get through them quickly. And we couldn’t move on to another lesson until all the previous lessons were completed which wasn’t always possible due to computer/website issues. So this year is not an online program. We have books and it is up to me to set up the schedule and the plan and the goals. We picked the curriculum so they are fitting to Anderson’s level. He’s super bright in Math so he is starting first grade doing second grade math, which is a lot of review for him but I think we can move through all of the first month or two of the books in a short time and then supplement with some math related content. I’m looking forward to this year of homeschooling with him.  Then Spencer will be in pre-school this year so that will be interesting and I think it will help him with language. He’s doing well since starting speech therapy but still needs to catch up. I’m optimistic that he will.

Hopefully back to school means I will get to resume a more normal blogging schedule. I feel as if I have lost touch with friends by not having time to read my friends’ blogs. I miss it. Of course, I will miss being able to take the boys to the park whenever we want to go but even that can be scheduled.

As some of you will remember, I mentioned a while back that my income would be stopping because my income was all spousal support which would stop when my ex reached 65. Well, that happened last May so I have had no income since then and am using up all of my savings. As of today, I only have enough money saved to pay rent through December so I am panicking. I need to find another source of income. I’ve taken a couple of copy editing classes and I’m comfortable that I can do that, if I can find some clients. I don’t yet know what else I can do. It needs to be something I can do from home. It makes me feel a bit distracted as I try to keep going while I try to come up with a source of income. Of course, if I am not able to come up with a way, I will have to sell my mobile home and that could take some time…time that I will have to keep paying the monthly rent. So things are closing in on me. Wish me luck!

In any case, what are you up to? Has the weather changed where you are? Are you effected by the academic year beginning? How so? Any last summer plans? Tell me!


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