Christmas Snow

This is from last year. A reminder that things work out and that there are angels in this world.

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Well, we got our first snow of the season. This morning. It’s not supposed to get over 30 or so degrees so it looks like it will be icy out on the roads. It’s now sleet. That’s why I didn’t want snow until after today. Oh well. It is forcing a slow down. I won’t complain. I had one thing that I wanted to do today that would take me on the roads but I’ve asked the three people in the mobile home park that I can ask, to let me know if they go out and can pick up the one last gift that is ready for pick up. Two of them have snow tires and the right “fixings” to go out in the snow and they are moms so they may be going out. If not, the world will not part.

I’m still in my pajamas at almost…

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Solveig Werner

Operation Santa Claus

By Corina Carrasco

Christmas, for most of us, is a very emotional time of year. It brings back memories, both good and bad; it brings us face to face with the end of the year and failures, both real and perceived. This is true for me, just like it is for everyone else.

This morning, as I sat inside my idling car, waiting for my turn, I was able to catch my breath. That’s when my mind came to terms with what I was waiting for and that’s when the tears started. As I sat in that long line of cars, I thought about all the Christmases behind me. Many of them were very good–the ones in the years when I was married and there was no financial problem. Many of them, considering that I was only married for sixteen of my sixty-two Christmases, were not the…

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Two! #WeeklySmile

Last time I wrote about dog sitting and the wonderful couple that owns the dog. I mentioned that they are finally pregnant after their IVF procedure. Well, she just messaged me. They have finally announced the news to the family. She’s officially there months now. The big news?! Twins! Isn’t that wonderful? I’m so excited for them. I can’t stop smiling!

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Warm #WeeklySmile

This week was anything but warm! One morning it was 25 degrees when the boys had to go to the bus stop! Way too cold, especially since they don’t have the kind of outerwear for that temperature!

It was a warm week in that Maya was very happy to see me after I was gone for a few days so she was full of warm hugs and kisses! I think that at twenty-one months she doesn’t understand the concept of time and days so she must have thought I wasn’t coming back!

Well, why did I call this warm? I met a lady through my Buy Nothing group who has a dog named Lance. He’s a very good dog but when he is left alone in the house, he goes crazy and tears everything up so they never leave him alone. She and her husband are going through the IVF process and it requires numerous lengthy appointments so she has me come over and stay with the dog. Lance is very mellow and just sits by the fire place while I am there so I enjoy having time to read or watch a show on TV without the guilt i have at home (because there is so much to do at home). They pay me very well to sit there and enjoy their lovely home. I’ve gone about five times. She is now pregnant! Hooray! Last night they wanted to go to dinner and to see The Nutcracker so I stayed with Lance. When they got home, she paid me and gave me a bag full of paper goods (Tp, paper towels, etc. which I cannot buy with EBT) and a gift bag which she said was for my birthday! Yay! I rarely get any gifts, not even for my birthday (which is coming up). It is beautiful, comfortable, plush bathrobe! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention warm! That’s what made me smile this week! A new bathrobe that will keep me warm! And the thoughtfulness! What a bargain!

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Not Yet

Well, I’ve been missing. It seems that every time I think things will get better, I am wrong. My life these days seems to belong to someone else. I am not able to plan or to relax or think. Instead, I seem to be alive solely to babysit and make things easier for others.

I know that sounds pretty negative, which is unlike me, but it’s true.

And it’s December already.

One thing… one tiny glimmer of light…one rain to smile. She (who shall not be named) says she is taking the kids to a sitter three days a week so that I will only have to watch them two days a week, plus some weekend time. Soon. But soon enough but soon. Now that’s my reason to smile because I know it’s actually happening. In fact, this coming week I’ll only watch them three days.

What has made you smile?

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The Old Ball Game

Some of you know that I am a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and that this year, for the second consecutive year, they made it to the World Series. And yes, for the second consecutive year, they lost. Some of you may think that isn’t smile worthy but it is indeed the topic of my Weekly Smile.

Why would I smile about such a great loss? It was A record setting game, the longest post-season game at seven hours and twenty minutes and eighteen innings! It was a well fought game by both teams. As soon as one team got ahead, the other would tie! The two teams went through a combined eighteen pitchers! To say that the players showed stamina would be an understatement! Ultimately, the Dodgers did win! Yay Dodgers! It was the only game they won, unfortunately!And so I smile when I think about it!

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Silent Sunday