This touched my heart today. It found me when I must needed it.

Love-Drenched Life

In the weeks following Anna and Abby going to Heaven hundreds of cards and letters flooded our mailbox. I remember sitting with them, unopened, wondering how I was ever going to get through them all. I would sit each night opening just a few, because that was all my heart could bare.

We were the family receiving the dreaded sympathy card. I remember sitting amongst them in total disbelief that we were on the receiving end and these written words were intended for us.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” People shared their memories, thoughts and condolences.

These cards were from friends, family, old classmates, parents, children and complete strangers – all wanting to take just an ounce of our pain away. I remember feeling so loved and cared for as I read each one, still in complete shock of my reality.

One letter that we received has come to my thoughts…

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Saturday Once More

That week flew by for me. How about you?

My reading has slowed down a  bit. I am waiting for a couple of digital library holds to come in and haven’t really decided what to read next. I have tons of unread titles on my Kindle but haven’t looked for the next title. I am reading one book which was described as a cozy mystery with lots of humor. Boy was that wrong! I haven’t found any humor in it at all. There is certainly a lot of action but it has gotten to the point where, at 37% of the text, it could have ended at least twice but hasn’t. They keep finding another bump in the storyline that keeps it going. Not sure if I will invest much more time in it.

I’ve  been watching more TV. I streamed the entire sixth season of Call the Midwife this week. I also finished streaming The West Wing for the sixth time this calendar year (all seven seasons) and all of the Gilmore Girls. I watched a few movies that I have seen before so the attention requirement wasn’t too great. I also watched all three seasons of Madam Secretary and am ready for season four to begin next week!

The current medical problem seems to be my feet. Or my foot to be exact. The doctor is assuming that it is sciatica related because it began with the sciatica (a few days after the initial attack in August) and is on the same side. However, I’m beginning to think it may be something else. When I see my primary care physician in two weeks, I am asking for a referral to a podiatrist. There is no visible injury or condition but when I put any kind of pressure on it, as in to take a step, it feels like I am stepping on something or like there is something inside of my foot (the ball of my foot) that is growing in there. Nothing is in there that the doctor or I can feel or see. And it has now spread to my toes. It is now so painful that I can’t sleep at night because the slightest touch of anything hurts. Sheet on my feet? Ow! I can’t wear regular shoes. I am having to wear slippers or my old sherpa lined Crocs. I found last night that if I put on some of those fuzzy slipper socks, the pain is not as great and I can sleep. So it’s a mystery. I’m afraid it could be nerve damage but I don’t know. And it’s hard to describe.

I am going to physical therapy for my sciatica and it is helping. I have two more visits and then we wait for authorization for more visits. I might not need too many more, I’m hoping.

Blogging. I miss doing it more often and am hoping that I will be able to concentrate for longer periods and find a comfortable sitting position for blogging. Right now I am just using my smart phone for everything and that’s not the best. I’m hoping that this week I will be able to find a comfy position/place to blog from my laptop. Wish me luck! I am also missing a lot of the Weekend Coffee Share people as Diana takes a break while she decides what to do with her blog. I also miss other people from the blogging world. Hopefully I will be able to find them again soon.

That’s it for now. I have a few errands to run on this cold, overcast, and somewhat rainy day then I am babysitting for a couple of hours. Hopefully it is only a couple of hours. She never tells me how long. I am going to have to start having her tell me how long and stick to it. Otherwise she says “awhile” and it turns into five or six hours!

Tell me what is up with you. I’m tagging this as a weekend coffee share in hopes that some of you will search for that and find me.

This was for Banned Books Week in 2015. I hope you enjoy reading or rereading it.

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

I know a lot of non readers that think having to read is nothing short of going to hell.  I love reading.  Reading is like heaven to me  However, some of the books that I have read are responsible for sending me to hell!

This is Banned Books Week.  The American Library Association sponsors a number of activities to highlight the fact that banning books is censorship; that banning books restricts our freedom to read any book we choose.  I think almost every one of us has read a book that has been banned or challenged at some point. (Challenged books are books that a person or group of people tries to get banned.)  Many of the titles are or have at some point been required reading in school, be it primary, intermediate, secondary, or higher education.

The Bible has been on the Banned Books List.  How many…

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To Kill A Mockingbird has been my favorite fiction title since before I read it in middle school. I saw the movie when it came out in 1962, although I’m not sure of the exact date. I know that I was very close to Scout’s age in the novel when I saw it on the big screen. It has had an influence on me since then. It has especially had an influence on my writing. For those of you who have not followed this blog or any of my previous blogs, much of my writing is about my childhood and, most often, told through the eyes of the child that I was at the time. Like Scout. I didn’t do it intentionally. It is just the way it came. It is what fascinates me, how life and the world slowly reveals itself to the innocent child and how that child perceives this new knowledge and what they might not understand.

It surprises me, although it shouldn’t, that To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, remains one of the most often banned and challenged books in this country. It has been challenged and removed from many school reading lists. Some reasons include the profanity in the novel, although it is not “misused” or gratuitously used. It has also been challenged because of the rape case which is highlighted in the novel. There are a lot of reasons cited for the challenges and the banning but when it comes down to it, I think it is because it has made many people and many societies uncomfortable in the portrayal of social and legal injustice of the classes and of the races. Is this something we should be sheltering students from? Not in my book. To me, we need to make our young people aware of these injustices. Without awareness, things will never be questions; things will never change.

What do you think? Is one of your favorite books on the Frequently Challenged Books list? Tell us about that book. I’m betting more than one of your favorites is on those lists.


Sharing Without the Coffee!

Well, no coffee chat this week. I miss the regular coffee sharers and wonder how you all are doing and what is new with you. Those coffee shares give me a “focus” for what to write about in my blog posts on days when I can’t think clearly enough to figure out what I want to write. The days have been fogging and I haven’t been able to focus. That’s a direct result of my health issues. However, I am glad to report that my incision finally cleared up and seems to have closed. Just crossing my fingers it is healed under the scab! I am still having issues remaining from my sciatica attack. I’m actually going to physical therapy for it so hopefully it will be better sooner than later.

It seems that I lost all of summer. My health issues began around Memorial Day and continued until now! That’s the entire summer season lost! I missed out on all the activities I normally do in the summer with the grandchildren. That makes me sad. But I have taken them to the park twice in one week and they spent the night with me on Thursday so we are getting back to doing more normal things now that I am feeling better. Yay!

I continue to homeschool Anderson (second grade) and I might have a fifth grader coming but her mom hasn’t been working so she hasn’t sent her yet. I also may be tutoring a third grader after school once or twice a week. I would enjoy that. I enjoy working with kids and look forward to seeing their face light up when things click into place and they understand something they haven’t understood previously.

Oh, I am also missing the Weekly Smile posts and have a lot of them I haven’t posted yet so I might just find one day a week to post a smile or two. Maybe some of you will join me.

I might also add a page on the blog for writing prompts. I’ve wanted to do that for awhile but haven’t been sure if anyone would like that. I think I might do it and just see who finds them useful. More info on that to come.

That’s about it here. What is up with you? Let me know! I really do want to know.


It’s Saturday; the weekend. Time to come together for a chat. Today I am drinking coffee from Kauai. I wish I were enjoying it in Kauai but such is life!

What’s here? AUTUMN. I usually hate the switch from summer to autumn but this year has been the longest, hottest, most miserable summer and I am ready for cooler temperatures and some rain. We haven’t had rain since April and for Portland, that’s very unusual. We are supposed to have a BIG rain tomorrow. They are saying more than an inch and a half in twenty-four hours. I hope they are right. It will help with all of the fires in the rain’s path and with our air quality.

Last night I had to run around the house and close all the windows and then this morning it got chilly enough inside to turn on the heater. We are supposed to go to an outdoor movie in the park this evening, the boys and I. I’m hoping the smoke isn’t too bad. I can smell it here as I sit and type (I just opened the window). But perhaps by the time it is movie and park time, it will have dissipated or maybe it will blow in a different direction.

School has started so I have had my second grade grandson here every day (I homeschool him). I am supposed to have another child for two days a week of school but she hasn’t come yet. I think this coming week will be when she joins us.

My daughter is at a vendor event today and tomorrow so I had the boys overnight and all day. Tomorrow I will also have the baby. Let’s see how I do. I still don’t have my strength or stamina back after surgery and am still not supposed to be bending or lifting a 22 pound baby but you know how family is. They forget all of that when they need you and it is really hard for me to say no. So we shall see how we all do.

Spencer began preschool this week. The first day was great and he came home with a smile but the rest of the week he cried when his mommy walked him out to the bus. He likes riding the bus to and from, though. It makes him feel like a big boy!  I am hoping he takes to it soon. It’s so difficult to watch him cry as he leaves and his little head, barely tall enough to peak over the window, is down and I know he’s crying. Awww!

I’ve read some interesting books lately. I think I might review them on the blog later in the week as I need to write my amazon and my goodreads reviews. I will say that I was very impressed with The Designer by Marius Gabriel. It is one of this month’s Kindle First Reads, which are free to Amazon Prime members. One of the perks of having Prime. It won’t be released until October 1 but you can grab it now if you head over to Amazon.

I’m currently reading Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson and it looks quite good (I’m just at 30%). I borrowed it from the library so I have to get busy and finish it.

That’s about all that is going on here. What is your weather like? Has the season changed yet? Have you taken any trips? Read books? Watched a movie? Let me know. I sometimes get ideas for books to read and movies to watch from my readers. Keep the suggestions coming!

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Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

Here is a post from this date in 2009. I came across it on my memories feed on Face Book. Yesterday was the anniversary of Patrick Swayze’s death. My daughter is still, three babies later, running herself ragged to support the family. And me? I’m still here ready to support her and the kids and if I have to knock someone in the face, I will do that, too.

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Yesterday was a really stressful and emotional day.  I ended up having to take my daughter to the Emergency Room and sitting there with her for a little over three hours.  In the end, she’s okay and the baby is okay.  She’s just under too much stress.  I think it has been building up over the past four months and the last week has been particularly bad.  I guess I’m glad she ended up in there because maybe now this will serve as the warning she needed to slow down, think about her options, herself and her baby.  Of course this is easier said than done and it is her life so I won’t add to her stress by trying to influence her.  I just have to be there to support her and stand by her.  If I had my choice, I’d rather go strangle a particular neck but that’s…

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