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I still can’t believe I am going to have a grand daughter. After three grandsons, it’s pretty difficult to get in the girl mindset. I keep thinking that it’s a mistake. They didn’t read the ultrasound right or the technician wrote down the wrong gender when she put it in the envelope for the reveal cake baker. I just can’t believe it. She has been collecting used baby clothes for a couple of months now so she says I’m not to buy anything. That’s good for the budget but I kind of need to get a few pink things so I get in the “pink mindset.”

The other day, she was going to go up the hill to the hospital (OHSU) for another ultrasound. They haven’t been able to get a good view of the entire heart yet so they keep having her go in for ultrasounds. I think the last one was number four. So anyway, I was going to tell her to ask them if it was a girl or not, just to verify, but I figured she would get mad at me and say I was being negative so I didn’t say anything. Then, a couple of days later as we were driving around doing errands, I said to her “What if they made a mistake and it’s really a boy?” ┬áInstead of getting mad, she said, “I’ve been thinking the same thing so when I went for the last ultrasound, I asked them to check and they said it’s still a girl!”

Amid all the laughter that came after that, I was relieved (1) that she didn’t get mad and yell at me for being negative, and (2) that it is a girl! I can handle another boy but to have the first girl, that’s pretty special.

Those were my smiles this past week. What about yours? What are you smiling about? I know that times are rough but we all smile every day, even though we’re not always aware of it! #WeeklySmile is a blog linkup hosted by Trent. Come take a look at our smiles and share one of yours?!


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When my daughter went in for her ultra sound a couple of weeks ago, she brought home the strip of pictures of the baby to show us. We showed the boys. Spencer just looked at it and said “tiny maymay” (he says maymay instead of baby). Anderson immediately said “it’s a brother.” We asked him why and he said “because it has no hair.” We tried to explain to him that on the ultra sound, hair doesn’t show up and also, not all babies are born with hair. He insisted that it was a boy because it had no hair. He was a little disappointed because he wanted a sister.

Fast forward to the reveal party last Saturday. Anderson sat next to his dad as his dad cut the cake. He had his hands up to his mouth, holding his breath. When everyone said “Pink!” he seemed to be disappointed. It turns out he wasn’t, he was just upset because he had been wrong! We were all wearing either pink or blue bracelets depending on what we thought the baby’s gender was and he had picked a blue one to wear because he was sure no hair meant a boy!

That was my smile. Watching him during that reveal. He’s now happy it’s a sister but for a while there, he wasn’t happy that he had been wrong!


The #WeeklySmile is a blog linkup hosted by Trent. Come share a smile or two with us!

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So this happened yesterday at the reveal party…and I can’t believe it…


Pink! It’s a girl!

I’m not quite excited because I don’t think it has sunk in yet. I did go out and get a baby girl outfit and a baby boy outfit before the party so I could give her the first outfit for this baby so she has one pink outfit and it is from this Nana! Many more to come and I might just try to dust off my crochet hooks! The first girl after three boys is sure to be a favored child! But then again, each one is my favorite!

That’s about all that has happened this week…preparations for the party and then the party and then the disbelief! Now the name game begins. I am not looking forward to that.

I did read a whole novel since last week. It was another good one, although not what I normally read. It was also a freebie from Kindle for Samsung (you can get a free novel each month if you download the Samsung Kindle app for your Samsung device). It’s not a new title but it and its author were both new to me, Out Of the Black by John Rector. ┬áI’ve started another which is also not my usual type of book. Not sure if I like it. We’ll see if I can get through it. I’ve finished all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls and all seven of The West Wing. I am currently streaming the last season of Army Wives which I missed when I got rid of TV a few years ago.

Our “killer storm” turned out to be almost nothing, at least in the greater Portland area. Lots of rain but not unbelievable amounts for this area. Lots of wind but nowhere near the anticipated high sustained winds. So we can breathe a sigh of relief and wait for the next one.

What about you? What is new in your world?

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