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The grandkids love popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. They eat several each day and right now, during this heat wave, even more. Maya keeps bringing those orange ones with the vanilla inside for me to open up. Her mom says yes, so I open them. Spencer’s favorite is ice cream sandwich. But he can open his own so I don’t have to be an accomplice.

This reminded me of when my kids were growing up. My mom and my sisters lived about 45 minutes away and in the summer we went there often. The kids and I would drive over early, spend the day, then drive back home, often not until bed time.

On the way to my mom’s house, less than 5 minutes away, there was a drive-thru dairy where we would stop to buy boxes of popsicles. It was my 3 kids and my sister’s 5. We always bought at least 2 boxes, 2 different kinds. But on really hot days, and where she lived (Pomona, CA) almost the entire summer was way hot, we’d get 3 boxes. These were not the grocery store size. Each box had at least 18 and some had 20 or more, depending on which kind it helps inside. Lots of popsicles!

The kids would play and play with their cousins. Sometimes I’d leave the kids there while I went to do our shopping. I would also take my mom to run errands and we just had a great time visiting.

We always waited for traffic to subside before heading home. If there were popsicles left at the end of the day, the cousins kept them and when we went back a few days later, we stopped for more popsicle boxes and we would do it all over again. At the end of the day, their dad would ask if the kids had a good time at their nana’s house. I would answer that they did and tell him it was a two popsicle box day or a three popsicle box day. The more boxes they went through, the more fun they had had.

I suppose Maya and Spencer come by their popsicle love honestly. Their momma loved those orange ones and the push up pops the most.

Once in a while I get a bite of a popsicle. My favorite? I think it would be a fudgsicle. I rarely have them but my true favorites are the Mexican paletas made with milk and fruit. Yum.

Photo by Popsicle Vectors by Vecteezy

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I’m waiting it the heat wave at my daughter’s air conditioned house. Maya is very happy that is here. Me? I’m glad I’m not at my no AC house where it’s actually about 2° hotter than here. But…there’s always one of those…Maya seems to have radar. As soon as I start to relax or try to eat a meal, she’s on me with a book to read to her or her Barbies or something else to play with. Every single time!

Well, I really need to enjoy it because she’s getting to that she where she won’t be as happy to see me. She starts kindergarten in a few weeks. She’ll have friends and maybe a new hero in a teacher and she won’t appreciate her Nana anymore. I know it happens. I have to prepare for it..

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Arty Maya

I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Maya who turned 5 in February. She’ll start kindergarten next August. I’m trying to work with her on numbers and letters but she really isn’t interested. I just get in one or two letters before she gets distracted or just moves on.

One thing she really loves to do is cut and paste. She likes to have me cut out a lot of hearts, different sizes and colors, then she glues them onto colored construction paper. She never tires of it and she has pretty much mastered controlling the glue bottle.

She loves crafts. When I watched her for the week a couple of weeks ago, that’s what got me through. I took two shopping bags full of craft supplies. We went through almost every single craft I had supplies for. All that’s left is the shrink art but it’s too hot to turn on the oven so that will have to wait!

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Made It!

Maya and I both made it through a week alone! Yay! She’s a very good little girl but she’s 5. That means she’s very curious and asks a lot of questions and when it’s just the two of us, she sticks to me like glue. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her there with me.

She’s a thoughtful little girl and very helpful but I don’t live here and, although I’m here often, I don’t know all the routines. Being 5, she sometimes tries to get away with things she isn’t allowed. Sometimes I let her but most times I don’t because I try to keep everything normal for her.

But we made it!

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Last week, when I was at my daughter’s, I noticed that Maya was using her mom’s water bottle. Although Tina has a gazillion water bottles, I did wonder why Maya was using Tina’s 32 oz bottle, after all, she’s only 4! I didn’t say anything but it did catch my attention. Maya loves pink and the water bottle she had appropriated is pink and yellow. I figured it was because of the color.

On Mondays, I go to my daughter’s during the day every week because we share a Gleaners account so on Mondays we get a large food distribution that we split. This Monday when I was there, we were talking about how attached Maya is to me. Then Tina told me that Maya had asked if she could please have Tina’s water bottle because it’s pink and yellow and pink is her favorite color and yellow is Nana’s favorite color! So it’s because it connects me and her! I almost cried. Tina did tell me that she found the same water bottle in a smaller size and ordered it as a surprise for Maya!

That was my smile for the week. What made you smile? Tell us about it. Go visit Trent and leave a link to your smile!

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October’s End

It seems that it’s over before I got a chance to enjoy it. One day it was October first then overnight it’s the thirty-first.

Halloween piñata after the kids had their way with it.

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My grandson got a very nice laptop after Christmas — one of those after Christmas/January inventory deals. He’s only 8 but thought he wanted to use the laptop to “do music” on it. Well, my daughter isn’t knowledgeable about mu: sic or programs about music and they really can’t afford to sign up for an expensive program that he might not follow through with. So, the laptop went unused for months. She finally issued an ultimatum: use the new laptop or we give it to Nana. Another couple of months went by and lo and behold, one day I walked into their house and Spencer handed me the laptop with a big smile on his face and said it was mine! I asked him if he was sure and he said yes.


That means that I now have a nice new Windows laptop! I have used nothing but Chromebooks since they came out so now I have to get used to Windows all over again and used to having things online and not directly on the hardware! I actually don’t like that as much but it is the way of the [digital] world right now.

That’s my smile this week! A new laptop that I could not afford for myself, courtesy of my grandson who thought he would do something but eventually realized it wouldn’t.

Of course, I still don’t have internet at home so I will, for the time being, be using it just when I am at my daughter’s. I can set it up to use my phone as a hot spot but then T-Mobile gets mad at me and shuts off my hot spot data. They did that last month. One of these days I will put on my big girl pants and call Comcast. I qualify for the $10 a month plan for low income but they are so horrible to deal with that I haven’t called them. I only had to wait 3 months to be able to set it up after quitting the service and it has been almost a year now because I just hate dealing with them. They all seem to be incompetent robotic beings that keep me on hold for hours and transfer me to department after department after department. So I am putting it off but I need to do it soon. The weather is changing and I don’t like to drive across the Columbia River in the rain sS

In other news, the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 booster has been approved and I have my appointment for next Monday. Yay!

What made YOU smile this week? Tell us about it. Visit Trent’s Weekly Smile to find out how you can link up!

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Maya Mouse

Maya will be four years old on February 9. This weekend, we are celebrating her birthday. Normally, she would have a party but thanks to Covid-19 we can’t do that this year. Instead, we are doing a stay-cation in a local hotel. I was in charge of picking up the kids at daycare and bringing them to the hotel while her mommy drove to the hotel, checked in, and decorated the room. Decorations? Why Mickey and Minnie, of course. Maya loves them. In fact, she has to wear something with Minnie on it every single day. I sometimes tease that she is going to be very disappointed when she figures out that she isn’t really Minnie Mouse!

She was so excited when the door to the room opened up and she was greeted with Mickey and Minnie balloons as big as she is! She said, “Is this my Minnie Mouse bird day?” Yeah, bird day. Okay, she’s only technically 3! She is flying high tonight and doesn’t want to go to sleep. Tomorrow, there will be cake and presents and other surprises. She doesn’t know that yet.


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Some things we hear stay with us for a long time. We might not understand them completely when we first hear them but we know they will come back at some point and we’ll understand completely.

Many years ago, one of my three brothers committed suicide. He left a wife and four children and then there were us, his siblings and parents. I won’t go into all of the feelings and thoughts that followed his death. That’s not where this story is going. At some point, not sure exactly when, I think it was about a month after his death, my sister-in-law started calling me in the mornings. We would chat about her feelings. I would let her talk and respond when appropriate. Sometimes we talked about silly things. There was always, as you can imagine, an underlying sadness to those calls. I soon learned that my brother used to call his wife at morning break every day and that was the time that they spent talking about the kids and feelings and stuff. It was their time with no kids around.

One of things that she was missing without him was the chance to tell him about what the kids were doing when he was at work. She said that it used to be that she could share the silly things the kids did that made her crack up and then things they did or said that made her proud. She said that as parents, they were the only ones that would understand those things. She could share the same things with other people but it would never be the same.

I thought about that a lot. I was a new mother then. My son wasn’t even a year old yet. I understood what she was saying because I used to fill my husband’s ears with all the things the baby did when he was at work. Every day he did something new and I shared that with him. Although I understood part of what my sister-in-law had said, I would understand it more and more as the years went by.

When my husband walked away from our family and turned the whole thing into a very hostile situation, I thought again about that conversation all those years before. I no longer had someone to share my day with and what the kids did and said or what they needed. He was out of the picture and inaccessible to me. It made me understand even more than before. Now, all these years after that original conversation in 1982, it has come right back to me.

For years, I used to talk to my mom on the phone and tell her all about the kids. When I moved far away, it became more important because we didn’t see her as often anymore. So the phone calls meant a lot. Then I moved further away and the grand kids arrived. For the last eleven years, many of our phone calls centered around sharing with her what my grandchildren were doing. How big they had grown, when they started school, and all those milestones, as well as the everyday silly things that happened involving the grandchildren. And that intensified four years ago when my only granddaughter arrived. She wanted to know all about her. She did meet her when Maya was about six months old. It was the only time she saw her. It was love at first sight…on both parts. After that visit, my mom wanted to know all about Maya. Was her hair getting darker? Was it curly or straight? How big was she? Was she talking? Walking? And because I didn’t have anyone to share those all important things with, I would not spare a detail. Sometimes I would call her just to tell her some silly thing the kids had done and we would laugh and laugh over it. It was the highlight of our conversations.

And then she died.

And now I miss that again. That’s one of the things that gets to me, almost every day since my mom died at the end of last August. I forget and I reach for the phone to tell her about Maya or about one of the boys and then it hits me. I can’t tell her. I can’t share that with her anymore. I don’t have anyone to share those moments with. I miss my mom. I miss that I can’t get in the car and go see her even thought it is a two day drive. I used to do it when I got to missing her a lot. I can’t anymore. I used to send my sister pictures of the kids by text and ask her to show them to my mom. I used to have pictures printed and mail them to her so she would have my grandchildren with her. I can’t anymore.

I miss her a lot. I miss her for many, many reasons and at so many different times but this is one of the things that gets to me almost every single day. There is something I want to tell her about the kids but she’s no longer here.

Sometimes it takes a long, long time to understand what we hear. Sometimes we don’t get it until we walk in other people’s shoes.

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The Weekly Smile 2-1-21

I know I am blessed with living so close to three of my four grandchildren and even more blessed that I have been able to keep seeing them during the pandemic (we’re in the same bubble). Sometimes I am a little insecure when the oldest stays up in his room or in the Lego Room (yeah, they have a whole room set up with Legos) the whole time I am there. I can be there from Saturday to Monday and not see him! I feel like he no longer cares about me. The middle one always comes to sit and talk to me, at least a couple of times a day when I’m there. But the little one…my Maya…is always all over me!

Last night, she woke up in the middle of the night and came to sleep with me. When I am there, I sleep on the recliner in the family room. So last night, Maya got up around one o’clock and came downstairs. I was still awake, reading. She made herself comfortable on my lap then she turned to face me with the sweetest smile and teary eyes. She put one hand on my cheek and I thought something was wrong. I asked her if something was wrong. She shook her head no and then she said, “I just love you so much, Nana.”

Talk about smiles! Every time I think of it I smile big and feel all that adoring love all over again. This is more than just a weekly smile. I think this will be one I remember forever.

What has you smiling this week? Please do tell! The Weekly Smile is hosted by Trent at Trent’s World The Blog . Come join us with your own weekly smile!


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