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On our way to Port Campbell, we came across a lighthouse.  At least we could see it in the distance so I asked Tony to stop so we could see if we could get a closer look.  We found a sign directing us to Split Point Lighthouse.  It had been very rainy during the day so the road, a dirt one, was quite muddy but we gave it a try anyway.  We made it to the parking lot, barely, without getting stuck in the mud and then we had to walk to the lighthouse.  It was probably a half mile walk which is not bad but remember that it was very muddy and it was sprinkling off and on and to top things off, it was extremely windy.

However, it was worth fighting the elements.  We got a beautiful look at the stormy ocean and skies.  Although the lighthouse has an observation deck which one can climb for an even more spectacular view, there was no way either of us was going to try to climb a narrow staircase to the top of the 111 foot lighthouse.

Here are some pictures I took.  If you click on the links above, you can see some pictures of what it looks like in sunny weather.


Split Point Lighthouse against the cloudy sky.


Pathway from lighthouse to ocean view.


Tony on path from lighthouse to ocean side.


View from lighthouse cliff.


Stormy skies.

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