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A couple of weeks ago, on a particularly warm day (for Portland, OR) I finally took out a popsicle from my freezer and gave it to my grandson.  I had been waiting for months to be able to introduce him to popsicles.  On this particular day, we were going outside to sit on the patio and then to ride his Little Tikes Pick Up Truck that he got for Christmas but doesn’t get to use much in the Oregon rain.  I figured we would take the popsicle outside and he could be as messy as he wanted to be.

He had no idea what it was.  He just knew it was supposed to be something good because his Nana was giving it to him and I had a big smile on my face.  We took it outside and I unwrapped the blue popsicle and handed it to him.  He took it and said “welcome” (until this week, he said welcome instead of thank you) and then he just looked at it and held it by the stick.  I told him it was yummy and he should put it in his mouth, warning him that it was cold.  It’s a good thing he trusts me or it may have melted before he tried it.  He hesitantly put it to his mouth and licked.  He smiled and said “cold”.   But it didn’t take him two seconds after that to stick it in his mouth and keep it there. 

He really enjoyed that popsicle as he sat in his truck.  He smiled and kept saying “yum yum” as he licked away.  And he was smart enough to hold it away from himself when it began to melt rapidly.  A few days later he had a second one, this time a red one.  He enjoyed that one and even shared it with his mommy.

The popsicle experiment went well.  Hopefully our weather will hold up and he’ll get to have the rest of the popsicles from the freezer soon, at least before our winter begins here, which won’t be long from now.

I love introducing him to new things that he’ll like! 

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