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Once upon a time, in a high school far, far away, in a geometry class, sat a young lady in the last seat of the first row.  In front of her sat a young man.  The two had taken a fancy to each other.  You could tell by the way they looked at one another and by the way they lingered before and after the class began.

The young man had taken to passing things to the young lady, notes and such, by reaching back with his arm and handing her things under the desk.  After a while, he got daring and began to pass things by reaching back over his shoulder.  The young lady didn’t really feel comfortable with that because the teacher might see and because it would cause a distraction but it was nice to have a little extra attention from this young man.  So when he passed things to her, she accepted them without discouraging him.

One day, while the teacher was at the front of the class demonstrating how to find the area of some geometric shape or the other, the young man whispered that he needed to borrow an eraser.  The young lady only had the one on her pencil so she passed that to him.  He used it but then didn’t pass it back and she needed it so she could continue taking notes and following along with the teacher’s demonstration.  She tapped him on the shoulder and quietly asked for it back.  While passing it back, the young man grabbed onto her hand and wouldn’t  let go.  She managed to take her hand back and a couple of minutes later, he asked to borrow her eraser again.  She passed it to him and this time, when he passed it pack, he wouldn’t let go of her hand.  The teacher had been glancing over from time to time, not saying anything, knowing that both were good students and whatever was going on would stop.  However, it was while the young man was holding on to her hand that the teacher chose to look their way and call on the young man.  The young lady quickly pulled her hand back so the teacher wouldn’t see and as she did that, the pencil, which had been partly in both their hands, broke in half! “Is there a problem back there?” asked the teacher.  “No. No problem at all,” answered the young man.  The teacher continued with the day’s lesson up at the front of the room while quiet giggles rippled from the back of the first and second rows.

Now there was a problem.  The young lady had only the eraser half of the pencil and needed the lead half to keep writing her notes.  The young man, somewhat embarrassed, though refusing to admit it, said “It’s okay.  I’ll fix it.”  “How will you fix it,” asked the young lady “it’s broken!”  The young man proceeded to whisper to the others around him, asking if anyone had tape.  He found someone with a roll of tape in their binder (you know the type that is always prepared for anything and probably got a 110% on every test they ever took) and borrowed the tape.  As the young man proceeded to carefully and comically (for he had now drawn the attention of at least a half a dozen classmates in the surrounding seats) tape the pencil back together, failing several times yet not giving up, the teacher’s attention was once again upon the back of the first row.  “Young  man, do you care to share with us the answer to the problem?” he inquired.  The young man cleared his throat and said, “No.”  “No?” asked the teacher.  “I mean I don’t know the answer because I’m sort of busy back here.  You see, I’m performing surgery on this pencil.”  The class cracked up and not even the teacher could keep a straight face.  “Okay then.  You finish up as quickly as you can.  We wouldn’t want to interrupt such delicate surgery,” said the teacher, who was actually a pretty cool guy.  There were more chuckles from the other students.

The teacher went back to the lesson.  The young man quickly finished his surgery and handed the still fractured-but-carefully-bandaged-pencil back to the young lady who, although not happy to have a broken pencil, was happy to have the attention from the teacher come to an end.  She knew though, that the attention from the young man, although over for the class period, wouldn’t be over for a while.  And the young man was happy to have had the whole incident end with humor and even a little bit of envy from the other students!

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