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When I first moved here in August of 2008, one of the first things I did was try to find some writing workshops or a writing group.  I didn’t find much.  Everything was too pricey and/or too far away from, while some met at times that were difficult for me to meet.

While looking, I did find one organization called Write Around Portland that looked like a group I would want to be involved with.  They do excellent work.  Write Around Portland provides writing workshops for the underserved populations of Portland, including youth, victims of violent crime, victims of domestic abuse, chronically ill, senior citizens, and others.  All of the workshops they provide for these groups are free of charge.  They even furnish a notebook and ink pen for each participant and if participants need a bus ticket to get to the workshop, they provide that, too.  In addition, Write Around Portland also provides pay workshops once a month at a couple of businesses in town.  Payment for these workshops is on a sliding scale.   There are also ten week classes which are a little too pricey for me to attend but perhaps one day.

It took a while for me to participate in any of Write Around Portland’s workshops but finally, this past week I found one I could attend.  It was on Saturday, in the middle of the day, about a twenty minute drive from me.

Although it was a positive experience, the setting wasn’t exactly ideal.  It was at a coffee shop that caters to young children and their parents so on the first Saturday with decent weather in many, many weeks, the place was overrun by very loud toddlers and their parents.  However, I did get to practice some writing and I got some immediate feedback for it, too.  I also met at least one woman who was very interesting.

Another day I will post the writing pieces that came from the Saturday Write with Write Around Portland.  For now, I can’t wait for another Write Around Portland event!

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