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A few months back, while going through my freecycle email, I saw an offer that caught my attention, not because it was anything I needed but because I smelled a story behind it.  I copied and pasted the listing into a document and saved it in my “Things to write about” folder.  I pulled it out last night and I’ve decided to work on it.

Below you will find the “offer” listing.  Now here’s the challenge: Take the listing and write whatever strikes your fancy after reading it.  Any form, any genre, any length.  Then post a link to your piece of writing in the comments below.

In the meantime, I will be working on mine.

Here’s the listing:

“I am giving away my wedding dress.  It is a size 3 or 5.  I couldn’t find a size tag on it.  It has beading and pearls on it and is long sleeved.  It has a long train.  It is white and is a very beautiful dress.  I has some dirty aras on the bottom of the train but will probably come out at the dry cleaners.  I’ve had it in a Rubbermaid box for near 10 years.  It was hanging up for a couple of years before that.  It was hanging on foam hangers and the foam started to fall apart and so there are pieces on the dress.  Everyting should be fine with a trip to the dry cleaners.  I would like this gone today, please.

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