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Today I read a post at Red Ravine.  It was by a guest writer, Bob Chrisman, and it was really pretty awesome!  It’s a memoir piece called My Father’s Witness and is a very honest and strong piece of writing, not to mention thought provoking.

I have pieces about family members that I have not yet shared and some that need to be written but probably won’t for a while.  I find it very difficult to write honestly about some of the things that involve other people in my family because I don’t want them to see it and then be hurt by what I write but there is a lot that I need to write and lots that I will share, at some point.  My Father’s Witness hit home and made me think a lot on this, a quiet day here at home, perfect for turning those thoughts over in my head.

I hope you stop by Red Ravine and look around.  It’s a very worthwhile blog to spend some time reading and maybe even writing your own piece after you’ve done some reading there.  In any case, enjoy.

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