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[This first appeared on this blog on November 7, 2007]

It started as one of those absolutely marvelous days, only to turn quite bad!

After a delicious morning of incredibly well-behaved and productive students, at lunch time the Principal complimented me on the day’s writing lesson which she and the Superintendent had observed. Everyone in the faculty room heard her compliments and they gave me a thumbs up! I was feeling very successful, even blissful. After lunch my students brought me sweet notes and pictures they had made for me, along with the healthy parts of their lunches they hadn’t eaten. At dismissal, I let them all go and had a short parent conference then packed my bag with the papers I would have to correct that night. Watching the clock, I headed for my car.

As I drove toward two different schools to collect my daughters, I carried the dreamy feeling with me, not allowing it to escape, even when faced by “after school traffic.” Knowing that Tina and Susie would be left alone while I ventured to my night job, I drove through Taco Bell, my girls’ favorite fast food place. While Taco Bell is not on my list of cordon bleu restaurants, I did get a chicken burrito so that I would not leave the house without eating, as my blood sugar was low and I knew that I had to have some protein if I was to make it through the evening job. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I had begun to take better care of myself better.


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