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I’m sure all of us get tired of hearing certain words or phrases that come into vogue from time to time and just refuse to go away.  I refuse to use them.  Not only is it because that’s my own little, teeny, tiny contribution to try to get rid of them but in most cases it’s because they are so juvenile that they just don’t fit into my everyday vocabulary.

Probably the one I am the most sick of is OMG.  Really?  Really?  How many of us say this in every day life?  How many of us said it before it became popular, vía texting and the internet, a few years back?  Doesn’t it sound juvenile to say this?  Doesn’t it sound like something a teenager would use?  I don’t know about you but the last time I was a teenager was about 35 years ago!  I’m not using it.  And I give little thought to things I read that use this “phrase”.  Now that’s another thing.  What do you call this?  It’s not really a phrase.  It’s not a word.

BFF.  That’s another one.  This was something we had (or thought we had) in high school.  It’s a nice thought and I sometimes wish that there were true Best Friends Forever out there in the real world.  Maybe there are but it has been my experience and my observation that if someone has to use BFF, it’s really not real, it’s just wishful thinking; one of those things that we say just because we want it to be true.  So stop with the BFF and the GF already.

DH.  This one is not quite as bad but I really don’t like it.  It’s sort of on the same line with BFF.  If you have to say it, it’s not really true.  How often do we, in real life conversation do we say something like, “I was having dinner with my Darling Husband the other night when by Best Friend Forever called and even though we were in the middle of a romantic moment, I said, ‘Oh My God!  I have to get this!'”?

There are also some other phrases and speech patterns that I just don’t get.  They aren’t bad.  They aren’t wrong.  I just don’t get them.  When I hear them it’s like hearing chalk scraping on a blackboard.  What are they?

Oh man!  To use it once in a while I guess it’s not too bad but there are some people that use it every other sentence.  I thought it was something that we outgrew in the 1960’s!  At least I did, my friend.

See, that’s the other one.  If I have to say “my friend” when talking or writing to you, what does that say?  Is it really natural to go around referring to people to their face by the relationship they have to you?  For example, do you say something like this:  “It’s been great chatting with you but I have to run to pick up carpool, my neighbor!”  Or: “I’m sure you’ll do a terrific job when you work on this at home, my student.”  Or:  “Thank you for letting us leave on time today, my boss.”  Or: “I’m so glad I got to catch up with you today, my sister!” Or: “I have to go now but I’ll call again soon. You take care of yourself, my mother.”

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me but don’t these make you cringe?  They do me.

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