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Whew! What a busy three days I have had. Friday was Maya’s first birthday. My daughter wanted to take her to a restaurant where they’ve gone for the first birthdays for the boys, to keep the tradition. However, it’s a pricey steak house and no one has any money. My daughter belongs to their frequent diners’ club and got a twenty-five dollar gift certificate for her birthday which was set to expire on the fifteenth of this month. Twenty-five dollars is not enough for all of us to go so I suggested that she and Chris take Maya there for lunch (cheaper menu) and I would take the boys to pizza at the same time. The pizza place was having a promo where we didn’t have to pay for the pizza if we bought a Pepsi product so it was a good deal. After pizza the boys and I went to the park but not until we went to Dollar Tree to get paper airplanes to fly at the park. We also went for a short hike through the park grounds which is a habitat reclamation project so it has nice trails. Then they wanted a slushy drink so we hurried to Taco Bell so we could get them for one dollar during their happy hour! Then finally, home. Or at least to my home where they watched an old movie, Harry And the Hendersons. Whew! I’m exhausted remembering it.

There were a lot of things to be done on Friday night to be ready for Saturday’s party so I was up late, putting together a photo “clothesline” of pictures of Maya’s first year and some other stuff I said I would make. I’ll have to remember to say I will make less in upcoming birthdays (we have Anderson’s in four weeks then Spencer’s four weeks after that).

Then on Sunday I was called to go entertain Maya while Tina got things ready for the party. The cake and pizzas had to be picked up and no one volunteered (meaning Chris didn’t go get them. Tina was busy the entire time. Finally, after one o’clock, Tina sent me home to iron on some transfers for five t-shirts and then to pick up the pizzas and the cakes.  I got that done and dropped off the shirts before picking up pizza and cake. Luckily, I dropped off the pizza before going to get the cake because guest were already there and unbeknownst to me, when I got to the store bakery to pick up our order of two cakes, there were no cakes. They had messed up and had put the order in under the wrong Saturday. By the time the realized they had messed up (after looking and looking for the cakes and calling the bakery manager at home) and solved the problem by giving us a different cake and I got back to Tina’s, it was three forty-five and the party was almost over. They were just waiting for the cake! I missed the whole thing.

That’s the whine which made me need the wine! I had a glass of wine spritzer my daughter had made then sat in the recliner after everyone left. I finally managed to get my weary bones out of the recliner and home by about six. I was in so much pain that I didn’t even make it to my bedroom. I sat on the couch and didn’t get up for about three hours! And today, after twelve hours of sleep, I am still very tired and my body is sore all over, as in where’s the truck that hit me kind of sore! But it’s all over for this month. I told my daughter last night before I came home, that I am not going to go pick things up next time and if I do, I won’t do it at the last minute. She needs to tell me in advance and I need to have time to rest in between because I just can’t do that thing where I go non-stop for twelve to fourteen hours anymore.

And the more! The party was a success. The decorations were fun and the photo clothesline turned out really neat. I stole the idea from my daughter-in-law. I printed out a bunch of pictures in tiny form (nine to a 4″ x 4″ sheet). They are cut out and hung with a tiny clothespin (I used pink glittered ones) on a clothesline made of the thinnest cord I could find. Very cute. The kids had fun. The pinata was a success. The birthday girl was happy and full of energy. All things considered, it was all worth the hassles. At least it was when I think of how happy the kids were!

That’s my whine, wine and more. What do you have to share?


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As I opened a bottle of wine last night, I had to laugh at myself when I remembered another bottle of wine that I opened a few years back.  First off, let me say that I grew up in a family where the only wine in the house came out of a bottle with a twist off cap, not a cork.  Ditto when I was in college and as a newly wed.  Then, years later, I was gifted a bottle of wine with a cork and I didn’t even have a corkscrew.  I remedied that quickly and enjoyed that bottle.

Fast forward to the 2000’s when I moved to California’s Wine Country.  My daughter and I would go visit wineries on her day off from work.  I rarely went any place and I would never go to a winery on my own so I waited for her day off and we would go together.  That’s when I started to learn about wines and which ones I would like and which ones I shouldn’t even try.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a wine expert by any stretch of the imagination but I do know which wines are less dry (I hate dry wines) and which ones are sweet.  I know which are going to give me a headache in the morning and which won’t.  But I am not a wine snob.

So back to my memory.  Several years ago, when I already lived in Wine Country, I found some great prices at the Grocery Outlet.  To top it off, it was their semi-annual wine sale during which their already greatly discounted wines are an additional 20% off!  What a deal.  I often found the same exact wine, including winery and vintage, for as much as half of what I had just seen it for at the winery.  So I would stock up.  One day, I grabbed a bottle of red wine and proceeded to uncork it.  I was exhausted.  It had been a long day of running around with my then sixteen year old daughter in San Francisco.  I was ready to relax and watch a movie.  So as I tried to uncork the bottle, I didn’t bother to take the foil off of the top as I had found that it wasn’t necessary with my corkscrew.  It would take the foil off as it pulled out the cork.  So that night, I had a lot of trouble twisting the corkscrew into the cork and then even more trouble pulling the cork out of the bottle.  I turned on the light in the kitchen to see what I was doing wrong.  That’s when I spotted it!  The cork was not a cork.  It had no cork.  What I thought was the cork and had skewered on the corkscrew was actually a metal screw on cap on the bottle.  I had to crack up at myself.  Once I cleaned up the mess and unscrewed the cap, I poured myself a much larger glass from that bottle and enjoyed it.  Really enjoyed it.  Twist cap and all, it was a very nice wine.  Or at least my exhausted self thought it was delicious and after all, who cares how good a bottle of wine is as long as it tastes good to the one drinking it?


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