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Two years ago today (October 20), two little girls, sisters they were, were playing in a big pile of leaves across the street from their house. Along came a car and, not seeing the girls or knowing they were under the leaves, ran over the two girls. The driver felt a bump but didn’t know she had hit the girls so she kept on going. The younger sister, Anna who was six, died at the scene. The older sister, Abby, died at the hospital a day later. She was eleven.

Those of you who have followed my blog the past few months have seen me write about love rocks.  It is Anna and Abby’s mother who started love-rocks.org, as a way to go on living a positive and productive life without her girls. You can read about love rocks here and you can read Anna and Abby’s mom’s personal blog here.

Two years is a long time in many ways and a drop in the bucket in other ways. While Anna and Abby’s mom has been mourning her girls, she has also been living with a degree of comfort and joy knowing that Abby was able to donate organs to a number of others who have had renewed lives over the past two years.

So today, on the anniversary of their “heaven day” as their mom refers to it, I ask you to consider two things. First, if you haven’t already, please consider organ donation. It can mean the difference of life and death for someone. And second, consider joining Anna and Abby’s friends and family marking the passing of another year without them by lighting two luminaries or candles in your porch tonight. They did it last year and are repeating it this year and asking others to join them. (Their mom and dad actually light two candles in their front porch every night.) I plan to and I hope you will too.

Below is a collection of love rocks I’ve made. Download one or two and keep them some place handy. When you’re feeling low, take it out and remember that people care about you and people love you. Or send it to a friend who needs a smile!

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