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I’m not excited about much in this election.  I don’t feel we had any real choices past the primaries.

However, watching the long lines and the excitement of so many millions of Americans on this day and over the past months, I can’t help but hope that they will be victorious.  Why?  Because we need vast numbers of Americans to feel invested in this country.  I think that is one of the major problems right now.  People have felt for so long that they have not had a voice in what happens in this country and it has shown in the way our country has strayed.  I think that if more people, millions more, feel that their voice counts when they go to the polls, that determination to improve this country will really change.  The determination and will of so many will manifest in real change; real progress.

I do remember feeling about a candidate the way that so many people feel about Obama.  It was a long time ago.  I do remember crying and jumping up and down with my kids when Bill Clinton won the first time around and again the second time.  I remember my kids getting caught up in my own enthusiasm. That was the last time “my side” won.  That’s been far too long.

I do get it.  It’s difficult for me to get behind this candidate.  My candidate got left behind and that’s when I lost all interest in this election.  But I do get it.  I do hope that Obama wins, not because I back him but because I think that Americans, young and old, rich and poor, black and white, male and female, gay and straight, all of us, need to have this psychological boost.

I fear what will happen if he doesn’t win.

I think we all should.

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