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If we were having coffee, I would have cleaned up the front porch so we could sit out there. It’s a little chilly (about 57 right now) with some 12 mph wind gusts but oh that sun! We haven’t seen Mr. Sunshine for some time and he has come to visit us! So let’s take our coffee out to the porch and I’ll grab a couple of light cover blankets so we’ll be more comfy.

There isn’t a lot to report this week, other than the fact that we got more rain and wind during the week than we got during that so-called storm that never materialized last weekend! We’re kicking in the rainy season all at once. One day it was sunny and warm and the next day it was very wet and cold! And this week the National Weather Service modified their winter projections for the Pacific Northwest. It now seems we will be colder and wetter than normal which equals snow. We’ll see how we fare. My daughter ordered a small generator than we can use if the power goes out. We’ll see how it works if we need it. In fact, I’m thinking that if I can get some money together, I might get one, too. I think she only paid about $140 on amazon warehouse deals. If we get anything like we got in 2008, I would not even be able to get to her house from mine and it is about a 1/4 mile. We got so much snow that year that it was up above my knees (I’m 5 feet short) and I couldn’t take even one step! So if that happens and the power goes out, I would be stuck here with no power, all alone.

I’m still trying to get some money to pay rent past December. I actually have a check that will take care of it but I have no bank account and the closest branch of the bank the check is drawn on is in the San Francisco bay area…a day’s drive from here (about 12 to 14 hours). So if I can get them on the phone and make sure they will cash it for me, I will be making the drive to the bay area next week. Not looking forward to it but if that’s what I have to do, then I’ll do it.

And in the hearing department, I found the lost hearing aid. It had fallen inside of a shoe that I would not be wearing again until spring! Good thing I got down on hands and knees and pulled everything out! It was just in time, too because the one hearing aide I had been wearing is no longer working. I’ve tried changing the batteries and the tubing. It’s dead. So for the meantime, I will be praying that the one that is working will keep working! I hadn’t realized how bad my hearing is until now. It’s so bad that I don’t hear the phone sitting 8 inches from me even on full volume ringtone! And I don’t hear what the boys are saying which frustrates us all when they have to repeat things ten times before I can figure out what they are saying or they give up. Not good. Crossing fingers here.

This weekend, my kids, all three of them, are at a family wedding in the SF bay area. Family. Their father’s family. It has made me think again how devastating my divorce was for my kids (and the rest of us). Not that I wanted to be there but we are family so perhaps I should have been invited. It makes me a little sad that they are all together as a family and I’m not there. There will be other times like this, too. This is the first of the cousins from that side of the family that marries. So it will happen again. I’ll get used to it.

Well, time is getting away from me. I have a lot to do this weekend. I need to clean up and reorganize the corner where Anderson and I work. He is doing a great job with reading. He can read Green Eggs And Ham and The Foot Book all by himself now. He is starting to use phonics to sound out words on his own. And although he is only starting first grade, he is doing math from the second semester of second grade and it’s too easy. I think we will be ordering the third grade math by the first of the year. I don’t want to hold him back if he can do it.

What has your week been like? Plans for the coming week? Books? Movies? Do tell!

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