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If we were having coffee on this Sunday we would definitely be indoors. While I would like it to be indoors with a window overlooking the still very white surroundings and a warm fireplace with a roaring fire, we probably wouldn’t be able to get there. Yup. The snow is still frozen. The tiny bit of melt that has occurred has refrozen in our sub freezing temperatures. We are supposed to get out of freezing today and tomorrow  we will have what they are calling a probable record rainfall so the snow will be giving way to rain puddles by this time tomorrow, most likely.

I don’t have a good feeling about this week. It should be a week to do last minute preparations and then sit and enjoy the season. I had wanted to sit with my grandsons and maybe make cookies and read to them and watch some Christmas movies but I haven’t seen them since Wednesday. Although they are about a quarter of a mile from me and I usually walk over there, the road here inside the mobile home park where we live is not maintained because it’s private property. That means that I can’t get out of my driveway in the car and the snow out there is so slippery that I can’t walk over there. Tomorrow should be better, even though it will be very wet, at least “better enough” to get over there to see the boys.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading this week. At least for as long as I can. My vision is bad, well beyond bad. So I can’t read for very long before my eyes blur and burn so I have to read in short spurts. I’ve also streamed some movies. I usually go to my tried and true favorites. I watched all of my favorite Christmas movies already. I’ve also watched Divine Secrets Of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood about three times this week and Practical Magic about four times. I’ve watched Serendipity five times. I did do some streaming of new to me titles. I found a show on Netflix that I would recommend. It’s called The Fosters. It’s a show about a family made up of two lesbian women and their children. One of the children is the biological son of one of the women who is a divorced police woman. Two children are adopted, and two others are foster children. There is also the ex-husband of the police woman who is also a police officer and an alcoholic. There is drama and some laughs in the show which tackles a lot of situations that confront the family every day. I’m really enjoying season one.

Another thing I did this week was write about a “snow adventure” that happened in 2006. The memory was triggered by the near miss when my daughter’s car spun out on the snow and we hit a steel fence, barely missing the power pole. It was more than scary and reminded me why I really don’t like driving in the snow. The 2006 incident is posted in two parts. Neither post has gotten more than a handful of views. If you get a minute, head on over and take a look. You can find the posts here and here.

For the rest of this week, I will probably post very short posts which will include links to some of my past Christmas stories. I usually post one each day in December and haven’t done that this year so I will give myself a break from trying to come up with new things and link you to some Christmas memoirs which are special to me. Next Sunday I will post the story about the night I was born sixty-one Christmases ago! Yup, I turn sixty-one on Christmas Day! Hopefully you will come back here and read it!

What is the weather doing where you live? Are you ready for the week ahead? Are you spending time with family and enjoying the season? I sure hope so. Tell me what you’re up to. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Do you have a favorite holiday read?

Stay warm. Be jolly. Enjoy life.

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I moved from California to Oregon in the summer of 2008 so last Christmas was my first here.

Our plan for Christmas was to have my son and daughter fly from the SF Bay Area up here to Portland.  My daughter was flying on the Sunday before Christmas and my son had to work until the 23rd so he would fly up here right after work.  My other daughter lives here so she only had to drive from across town in Beaverton to my house.  All was set.  Sort of.  I still had to do my shopping.  I had no gifts purchased.  The forecast in the second week of December was for bit of snow.  That was pretty exciting for someone from California!  My son and daughter were excited about the possibility of seeing snow in the area when they arrived for the holiday.

On Saturday, December 13, I went across town and got all of my supplies to make tamales.  Then I waited my turn at the tire store to get my snow adapters on my wheels so that, should I need them, I would be all set.  I have what’s called Spider Spikes so once the adapters are on the wheels, the spikes can come on and off as needed throughout the season.  So I was set. I had asked my daughter to stop and get some chains for her tires, at my expense, but she ran out of time.

That evening I set about making tamales and my daughter and her boyfriend came to help (and eat)!  They left to a party and I stayed here.  I don’t think any of us believed that it would snow.  I settled in to watch a DVD and I fell asleep.  When I woke up around1 am, it was snowing!  It was very exciting.  I went out and took pictures and walked in it for a bit but not a lot because I didn’t have appropriate shoes!  I only had flip flops and Crocs!

So it snowed all day Sunday.  And it snowed all day Monday.  Tuesday it began to melt but it was very slippery/icy where I live and because I live in a mobile home park, which is private property, the roads here were not plowed.  We would have to wait for the snow to melt.

Then it snowed again on Wednesday.  And Thursday.  By then, my son got online with me and ordered all of our presents from Amazon.com with free two day shipping.  I was sooo glad I had deposited a check at the bank before coming home the last day it had not snowed!  A lot.  And Friday.  By Saturday, things were a mess and flights were being canceled, both in and out of Portland International Airport.  The forecast was for continued snow.  And still I had done no shopping.  And by now, there was an accumulation of about 4 feet of snow on the streets where I live (remember, it isn’t plowed here).  I couldn’t get out of my driveway.  I began to look for a taxi service to bring Susie home when her plane arrived the next day, if she could get here.  The forecast was now for snow through the 22nd.  Panic is not a word I use lightly but that’s exactly what we began to do.

I was stuck way out in the east side and my daughter way out on the west side.  She had no chains for her tires because none were available any place.  So she couldn’t drive in the snow.  I had the appropriate equipment for my tires but I couldn’t get out of the driveway.  No one was able to in the mobile home park, except those with four wheel drive and because I was very new here, I didn’t know anyone in the park (I still don’t and it has been almost 16 months since I arrived).

On Sunday my daughter’s flight was canceled and we could not find her another flight as everything was now sold out.  I was really upset that I couldn’t get my then  18 y/o here for the holiday.  To keep busy, I set up the artificial tree all by myself.  It’s quite big and bulky.  It took me hours and hours but I got it done.  Finally, late Monday night, we were able to get Susie on a plane up here but she would have to fly from Oakland to Lake Tahoe and then Lake Tahoe to Portland.  It was the last flight out on the 23rd.  That was the best we could do.  So I prayed my 18 year old would not find herself stranded in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, by herself on Christmas Eve.

It kept snowing.  Then it stopped but it didn’t warm up so the snow did not melt.  Then we got freezing rain on top of it.  Not good.

In the end, my daughter’s roommate stood in line at the tire store for four and a half hours to get chains for my daughter while she was babysitting.  So my daughter ended up going to PDX to pick up both her sister and her brother.  Both flights were delayed and Susie’s got out of Lake Tahoe about ten minutes before that airport was closed.  About 2 am I got a call saying she had found both Tony and Susie and they were on their way home.  The drive from the airport is normally about twenty minutes.  They didn’t get here until 3:30.  It took that long to get here in the piled up snow.  Apparently, it took them 20 minutes getting from the highway to my driveway and that’s only about a half a mile.  They couldn’t get near the house because of the snow so she just dropped them off and Tony made trips with luggage across the snow.

We could not get out of the drive way on the 24th either.  Susie baked after a neighbor offered to make a grocery run for everyone on the street.  Tina got the groceries for Christmas lunch after work.  She was lucky enough to get to the grocery store about ten minutes before they closed the doors.  She wasn’t able to make it over here on the 24th so we made her promise she would be here by 8 am on the 25th.  And she was.

We had an early lunch because Susie had to be at the airport to get her flight back.  She had her original flight back home although she hadn’t gotten in until four days after she was supposed to arrive, but she had to work on the morning of the 26th so she had to leave on Christmas Day.  But she had gotten here.  We had been together.  And we had all survived.

That was last Christmas.

This Christmas is supposed to be better but we are already getting grumblings that it may not work out as planned.

Oh, and this year we are skipping Portland for Christmas.  We’re heading to the San Francisco Bay Area instead.  Gives a whole new meaning to A Moveable Feast.

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