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What? Water Fun?

We are off celebrating Anderson’s sixth birthday. I thought I was going to end up staying in the room and reading or something. Nope. Anderson and Spencer had other plans. They each grabbed a hand and pulled me to the door when they were going to explore. So now every time they are going to leave the room, they look at me and say “Come on, Nana. You have to come, too.” The water park looked like so much fun last night. I went in with them to just sit and watch but it looks like fun. I ended up going to Kmart fifteen minutes away to find a swimsuit so I can go in with them today.  Oh, and my son drove down from Seattle and met us here at the hotel for a few hours and pizza and cake. It was worth coming just to see him!

I’m glad I came. I’m even glad that I let them convince me to go in the water park with them. I’m almost glad I had to buy a swimsuit. I have only ever had two in my entire life. The last one was worn all of three times over a ten year period. I have no idea what happened to it but I haven’t seen it in over fifteen years. I didn’t think I would ever own one again but after watching the people in the water park last night…if they can wear a swimsuit, so can I! I don’t swim. I can’t even float. But I can stand in the little depression that has water shooting out of it every four or five feet. And there is a wading pool. And there are these cute little “ride on” animals that squirt water at the other riders…and even adults can go on those. Looks like fun!

So that’s the update. Never say never. Never miss an opportunity to do something new.

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