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The Pose

You know the one. Actually, there’s more than one. Take a look at just about any picture with women in it and you’ll see it. The pose with a hand on the hip and the head tilted up a bit. Or the one where the woman stands sideways from the camera and her head is turned to face the camera. And there’s the one with the woman standing with both hands on hips and looking over her shoulder at the camera. There are so many of those “stock” poses.

My question is, where do they learn this? Who teaches them? Are they born with this ability? Whatever it is, I never got it. All my pictures are just plain old standing facing the camera straight ahead, hands at my sides. Pretty boring. But I just never got the memo on how to pose!

Makes me wonder what else I missed!

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That day when

it rained

and the wind

was blowing hard…

That day when

I missed

the bus and

had to run…

That day when

you walked

right past me

we didn’t know…

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If Only …

In Mitch Albom’s third best-selling book, For One More Day, he explores how Charley’s (his main character) life would have been changed if he had just one more day with his mother, before she died. It has been made into a movie and will air on the 9th, I believe. I’ve read the book and am looking forward to the movie. (more…)

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