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Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway asked her readers to post an embarrassing photo last week. I told her that by the time you get to be my age, you’ve destroyed all the bad and embarrassing photos. Then I had to go look and I found at least one that I really dislike. (Well, I found more than one but I’m not sharing the REALLY embarrassing ones!) So I figured I would go ahead and post it but then I would post a couple of not so embarrassing ones to balance out the bad one!

First the embarrassing one that was taken at the beginning of my high school junior year so I was 16. I don’t like it because I am not smiling. The photographer snapped the picture at the wrong time and it looks like I am smirking so I don’t like it. Not to mention that bright orange was never my color!

11th grade photo

11th grade photo

Then the two “good” ones. The first was taken in December of 1973, just before my 18th birthday. It was at the end of the Junior Miss Pageant, hence the dress, gloves, and rose. The second one was taken just before high school graduation in June of 1974. I’m signing yearbooks outside of class and we were all laughing and goofing off. What I like about these two is that I’m happy in them.

Junior Miss Pageant

CJC laughing

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First my one negative: When I got out to the car to go babysit my grandsons yesterday morning, my front passenger tire was completely flat. I took out my compressor and hooked it up but it didn’t get any power to it so I couldn’t inflate my tire. I still have to figure out why it didn’t go on. It’s fairly new, only used it twice.

One positive: Luckily, my daughter lives within walking distance from me so I walked over so she wouldn’t be late to work. The boys were up early so I got them up and got them dressed and we walked back to my house with my daughter’s compressor in hand

Second positive: I was able to quickly inflate the tire to the right pressure with a little time to spare before I had to take my grandson to pre school. So we were saved having to wait for auto club and so far, the pressure is holding in the tire so I may be spared having to get a new tire. I’ll go get it checked tomorrow, though, just so it doesn’t happen again!

What about you? Can you name one negative thing and two positives to balance it out?

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Two Plus One

When I was teaching I used to tell my students that for every complaint or negative thing they said or wrote about anything in class, they had to write two good things. It made them think about what they were going to say and if things were really that bad or were they just complaining.

Today, I am starting Two Plus One posts in which I will post two positives for every negative. I’ll probably do this once a week or so. If you feel so inclined, I invite you to join me by commenting with your own two plus one or with your own post on your blog.

First, the thing I really didn’t like about last week was that I went from not being able to sleep for more than an hour to needing to sleep hour upon hour and then feeling like I was dragging for the next few DAYS! My sleep cycle is all messed up, I guess.

Last week was a really busy week in a good way. There was the excitement of 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion (#1000Speak) where so many of us wrote blogs focusing on an aspect of compassion. The posts were, for the most part, uplifting, thought provoking, and informative. All of the momentum the movement gained from the beginning of planning in January to last Friday came to fruition and it was wonderful.

And the second positive thing is that I have been focusing on discovering new blogs since last November and I now have about four times as many followers to this blog and I have made some new friends in the process. The blogging community can be very supportive and I am enjoying being supportive to others that need encouragement and support right now. I am enjoying making new friends and reading blogs from all over the globe!

How about you?

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