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Our destination when we left Melbourne was the Twelve Apostles just east of Port Campbell.  After driving through rain for half the day, we found some sun!  I’m sort of skipping lots of miles here but you’ll get to see those in the coming days.  I just needed to post something quickly so I don’t miss posting today!

We went here twice which accounts for the different shadows.  First we were there around 3 in the afternoon.  It was very crowded and difficult to find a spot from which to take a picture without a lot of other people getting in the way.  The travel books all said to go at dusk or dawn for the best lighting effects so we decided to go back at dusk so we drove on to our apartment/motel and rested a bit then headed back at dusk.  We were soooo glad we had gone back.  Not only was the light amazing, but there was hardly anyone else there!  I think the heavy whipping wind accounted for a lot of that plus if anyone was driving back to civilization (Melbourne) that night, they had to get moving because it takes about five to six hours in each direction!

In any case, here are some of the pictures.  More to come!


Two of the twelve apostles, east of the larger group.


Twelve Apostles, dusk


And another angle of the Twelve Apostles at dusk.

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