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Treasure. The mere word conjures up visions of magic and mystery; adventure and intrigue.

Anderson is 6. In the past month or so, he has become obsessed with “treasures.” He looks for them whenever he leaves the house and he gets so excited when he finds a treasure. He has his treasures in a little plastic see-thru box. His treasures include a Chuck E. Cheese coin, a green diamond heart broken off of a quarter machine, a laptop computer that he found at the park which formerly belonged to a chick named Barbie, and other stuff. He gets so excited that I have taken to “planting” treasures so that he can find them. I go through my box of broken jewelry and un-paired earrings to find treasures for him. Today I planted my old GTA lapel pin (Glendale Teachers Association) and a coin from a broken necklace with some kind of hieroglypic type of figures on it. He ws soooo excited. Tomorrow he can find an old, broken Coca Cola pin from some Olympics far in the past. I know he’ll love it. I know he will smile and look at it from all angles. I know he’ll be so excited and finally, he will put it away in his treasure box.

I’m thinking I might take him to the craft store to find a little treasure box he can paint and keep his treasures in.

I love the world through his eyes.


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Yesterday, I got a call from my daughter asking if I wanted to go to the Columbia Sportswear Employee store. She gets employee discount privileges there as they are partners with the hotel she works for.  Everything in the store is at least 50% off.  So I went out with them.  I got what I wanted to get: weather proof shoes, a light jacket, and a “snow suit” (not for me but for someone I’ll be sharing about soon).  They were still shopping and the kids were getting antsy so I gave my daughter the money for my purchases and went out with the kids.  We walked around in the parking lot as there’s not a lot to do there (kind of an industrial area).  But the kids still loved it.  We looked at the trees in the lot, most of which have pretty colored leaves right now and we talked about why the leaves change colors.  They picked up pretty leaves and brought them home like they were treasures! We looked at the moon rising and talked about why it was only a half moon and not a circle.  We sang songs and practiced counting.

They were so happy just being outdoors and getting their pretty leaves.  I was happy too and it occurred to me that this is what it’s about: being in the moment with them; enjoying them; loving them.

I feel so lucky to have these little moments with them. I hope I have many more.


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