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I’ve had a number of smiles that I’ve wanted to share recently but time hasn’t allowed. Then this morning, I was wakened by a sound…a wonderful sound…rain. Heavy, fast, loud rain. It had to be pretty loud because I didn’t have my hearing aids on and I heard it loud and clear. Yes, that was cause for smiling but that’s not the smile I wanted to share with you today. The rain woke me a little after 5 this morning and I’ve been wide awake since then. I’ve read my recent feed from Facebook; I played a few games of Words With Friends; I played Candy Crush. I watched the morning news. I’m having coffee. I’m dressed. And it’s still raining so I’m indoors even though I have things I need to get done later on. Is that the smile? Nope. It’s still early and there is lots of day left. It’s not quite 8 am. Is that the smile? Nope.

So while looking through my Facebook feed, I found the On This Day feed and it showed a picture of our first day in Australia! That’s the smile. I can’t believe that I took that trip with my son. For the newer readers, my son gifted me with a trip to Australia in October of 2009. It was a Mother’s Day gift. He took me with him on the trip he was planning! The thought of him wanting to take me on such a trip was enough of a gift even if it had not happened. But he followed through. And we had a wonderful two week trip visiting Melbourne, Cairns (the Great Barrier Reef), and Sydney. We only saw a tiny bit of the huge country-continent but it was an amazing trip! That’s the smile. The memories of my trip down under and of traveling with my son!

I know I posted a lot of pictures and posts after I got back but I know I didn’t share all of them. I took over 1500 pictures on that trip. Here are a few.


The #WeeklySmile is a linkup hosted by Trent. What have you smiled about this week? Come share with us!

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I don’t think there will be a California road trip with Anderson this year. However, I am taking both of the boys on an over night trip tomorrow. I don’t think I am game enough to try taking Spencer any place for any longer than that without another adult. So tomorrow we will drive south three hours. If we get there in time, we will stop at a fishery where they have a “window” that lets viewers see beneath the surface of the water to watch fish as they swim by. I think they will like that. Then we’ll go on another 5 miles to a motel where we’ll spend the night then go to the Wildlife Safari in Winston on Thursday then come home. If Thursday proves to be too long of a day, we might stay some place a second night.

I think they’ll have a good time. Today will be spent on getting them some snacks for the trip and a few little surprises to distract them should it become necessary. Legos for Anderson and cars for Spencer.

I’m looking forward to it. I think. Wildlife Safari is one of those places where you drive your car through the place and see the wildlife. We’ve gone numerous times. We’ll see lots of zebra, giraffes, elephants, lions and tigers and bears (they are kept in a guarded area behind a fence). There will be different types of goats and rams and elk. We’ll see bison. There are so many species that I can’t remember them all but there’s a lot to see. There is also a “village” where the kids can run around (think zoo) and see more animals. The only thing that worries me is that I will need to figure out the kid lock for Spencer’s door so he doesn’t open the door when we are on the drive-through portion. And I need to remember to figure out the window locks, too. We can have windows down but some animals come really close to the car and I don’t want them sticking their head in the car with Spencer because he’ll try to touch them!

Then there is the motel room. He’s tall (Spencer) for a 3 year old and he’s smart. Bad combination. He knows how to unlock doors and will just walk out of the motel room. It happened in Seaside, during the night when everyone was asleep. He woke up and let himself out of the room! If it hadn’t been for the door being noisy when it shut behind him, we would not have known! So that’s the other worry. If the door has a chain lock that is high enough that he doesn’t reach it, it will be okay. However, I’m thinking of taking a sleeping bag in case I have to sleep in front of the door!

So that’s this week’s adventure. I’m sure we’ll have fun. Of course, I might need a getaway all to myself when we’re done!

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weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am still in Omaha. It has been an interesting trip ranging from really wonderful to I-wanna-go-home-right-this-minute. And it doesn’t reflect on the city but on my travel mates. One minute we are all getting along fine and the next the other two are bickering and shouting at each other. That’s not fun.

Oh well, I really need coffee right now. We were out until after one this morning and the others are still asleep and it is almost noon. There is no in-room coffee because my daughter used the packets from her room and my room yesterday and then she wouldn’t let me put out the maid service sign when we left he room because she hadn’t put her stuff away. We have a two room suite so that meant that my room didn’t get maid up either and the coffee didn’t get replenished.  Yup. I need coffee. I have snacks so I’m not starving but no coffee!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that although I haven’t seen much more than a few of the neighborhoods here and the downtown area, I like it. I would be happy here if I came here with my daughter and the boys. I imagine that we would need to get used to a lot of things but we could make it work. Today we’re supposed to go on the interstate and circle the area to see what is outside of the metro area. Of course, by the time they get up and get dressed it may be dinner time and we won’t see much because it will be dark!  Tomorrow we go to Lincoln for the afternoon and so that my daughter can meet up with one of her internet friends.

Well, I don’t have much more to say right now. I want to work on making some noise so they can get up. I’ve already texted her but she hasn’t answered. Wish me luck!

What are you like before your coffee? Have you ever been on a trip with others who are fighting and bickering constantly? How did you handle it?

See you next time!


Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly blog hop hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster. Go check it out!


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Up Above


Sunrise somewhere between Boise and Denver.


Looks mighty cold down there.

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What Would You Ask?

If you were checking out a place that you had never been to with the purpose of deciding whether to move there or not, what would you ask? What would you want to find out about? What would you want to see?

We are flying to Omaha early Thursday morning to see what it’s like and if we want to move there. None of us has every been there…none of us has ever been within 1000 miles of the place! So we’re going in pretty much blind.

I’m making a list (well after tomorrow when I finish NaNoWriMo) of things to look for and questions to ask.  Of course, we won’t think of everything and we may not get another opportunity to visit before making the commitment to move.  So that’s where you come in. In the comments, please tell me what you might want to know; what I should be looking for; what I should not be concerned about.

Happy Sunday.


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A Little Magic

We had been out bowling all evening.  It was my two girls and me along with my friend Lori and her daughter Abby. We were visiting Indiana from California.  It was our second night there.  We had so much fun bowling that we had played extra games so it was very dark out as we turned into Lori’s driveway.

That’s when I saw all the little lights sparkling like glitter.  At first, they startled me for just a fraction of a second then I thought maybe Lori had some kind of solar lights that sparkled in midair like that.  I must have gasped because Lori looked over at me and asked what was wrong.  I pointed to the lights in her driveway and asked what they were.

“What lights?  You mean the fireflies?”

I was confused for just a bit.  Was she pulling my leg?

Incredulous, I asked, “Fireflies?”

“Yes.  Just plain old fireflies.”  Lori drove on and the lights disappeared.

That’s when I realized she was serious.  Fireflies were real?  They must be. I had always thought they were make believe. I had never seen them, except on that pirate ride at Disneyland where everything is make believe. She had called them plain old fireflies but there was nothing plain about them to me.

We got out of the car and the fireflies were gone.  I wanted them back.  I wanted the magic.  We stayed out for a bit, looking for the fireflies.  We could see them in the distance but as we got close to them, the magic would disappear.

That trip was kind of a bust as we had gone out for a wedding that was cancelled at the last minute but what made it all worthwhile was seeing the magic.  I don’t know if I will ever see fireflies again but I hope I do.  I need that sparkle.  I need their magic.

What magic have you seen?  What is magical to you?

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Here I Go

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. I think I only have a half hour till they start boarding.

I’m surprised that up haven’t gotten super anxious or nervous add I usually do when I fly.  I’m looking forward to a good and easy trip, at least the actual flight. Anything after that is up in the air. I’ll be seeing the sister that doesn’t talk to me and days I am dead to get and the uncle that I choose to avoid because he is abusive. That’s how it is with family, though.

In any case, I’ll post if and when I can between now and Tuesday.  I’m sure I will have some thoughts to share.

Here goes! They’re beginning to board, early at that!

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