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Many people have memories of a favorite meal. I have memories of a favorite food; a food that I had every day so, while not “special” it was special to me and holds very fond memories for me.

Tortillas de harina. Flour tortillas. My mom made them every day, fresh for every meal. For breakfast we might have huevos con chorizo or plain old eggs or menudo, but we always had fresh tortillas. On the rare occasion that we had pancakes (only my Uncle Joe fixed pancakes for us) or French toast, we didn’t have tortillas and I found that I missed them and sitting with my mom at the table while she rolled them out and cooked them on the griddle.

I guess maybe that’s what was so special about them. My mom made them and I got to sit at the table to watch her make the masa and form the testales and then roll out the tortillas (she only made masa once a day, usually, saving enough for the later meals). As she rolled more out, some would be on the comal, cooking. The smell in the kitchen was of warmth and freshness and love as those tortillas de harina cooked. When the first was finished cooking, I would get to eat it as soon as it cooled enough but was still warm and fresh. While she rolled them out and cooked them, we got to talk. I would ask her what she was doing and why, not only about the tortillas but about whatever she happened to be cooking for our meal. I watched her closely, even when I was just a toddler, probably hoping that by watching I would learn. (And I did!)

Tortillas de harina are not only delicious with a meal, they can be a meal when you wrap them around the just right ingredients. Everything goes in flour tortillas. Everything. My favorites, besides actual food, include pieces of chocolate wrapped inside of a right off of the griddle tortillas…nice and gooey as it melts. And you’ll probably think it’s strange but my absolute favorite is arroz con leche wrapped in a tortilla de harina…arroz con leche is rice pudding…delicious!

That’s my favorite food…flour tortillas…especially as my mother made them all those years ago. There is nothing as delicious as those memories.

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