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Works For Me

I’ve been searching for blog memes for each day of the week so I can get some blogging ideas. It’s that time of the year when I am preparing for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo at the same time. I thought I would write some blog posts ahead of time and save them so I can post them in November. There are so many day of the week memes out there! Some are really interesting but they’re not really leading to things I’d like to write for my blog. So I will keep on looking.

One site I came upon lists memes for every day of the week. It’s called Heart of Wisdom. I suggest you take a look if you are stuck for blog post ideas. You should find something there.

One thing I’ve been meaning to write about as a tip for other mothers, actually fits in with one of the Wednesday blog memes, Works For Me Wednesday (I actually ended up with a dead link so I haven’t looked at that site). I have a whole bunch of tips. At one time I actually considered putting them all together in a book and selling them but I’ve not done it. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to ever come across as the Know-It-All (or thinks she knows it all) on any subject!

Any mom or dad feels like taking their child’s pain and fear away when they’re hurt. The pain will eventually go away but the fear drives the pain and the panic. When a child gets hurt and sees their own blood, they panic and start to cry and scream. When they have a bIoody nose, they truly panic and it adds to the fear everyone has at the time. How do you deal with the fear from the child seeing their own blood? Buy RED wash cloths. That way, when you need to clean up their scratches or cuts, the blood will blend in with the color of the wash cloth and the child won’t see it and won’t panic! Make sense? Yup! And it works, too. I read this tip when my oldest was about six or seven and we had already gone through many bloody cuts and scrapes and nose bleeds with lots of fear and tears. I went out and bought a half a dozen red wash cloths and started using them when the kids were hurt. It worked! Gone were the tears and the panic!

So, if you ever have young ones in your house run out and buy some red wash cloths and have them on hand for the next time they’re hurt. You won’t be sorry!

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