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Thursday Thirteen

In no particular order:

Amaretto on the rocks—Actually, when I was pregnant with my first child, I had a dream that I was about to have a drink of Amaretto.I hadn’t ever had it.I woke up before I had my drink in the dream and so I had an intense craving for Amaretto di Saronno.But I was pregnant and I couldn’t drink.Finally, at my ex’s Christmas party from work, we accompanied some of the other couples for drinks in the lounge afterwards and someone ordered an amaretto on the rocks for me.I had a small taste and gave the rest to a friend.I became an instant fan of Amaretto!

Kahlua—I love Kahlua.My parents used to drink it when I was growing up and I had some tastes of it.I still love it now.My preference is either on the rocks or in hot milk.

Margarita—On the rocks is my preference.I also love flavored ones, especially watermelon and strawberry ones.

Piña Colada—This is probably my favorite all time drink.I love the freshness of pineapple and of coconut.This drink marries the two.Love it.Love it.Love it.

Mojito—I had my first one a couple of years ago at Dave and Busters.It was okay but not wonderful.More recently, I ordered one at TGI Friday’s and didn’t regret it one bit.After that last one,I love, love, love mojitos with their fresh mint and rum flavor!Very nice.

Rum & Coke— A simple but classic drink.I take mine with Diet Coke now.Occasionally, I will take the rum flavored, such as vanilla rum or coconut rum with my Diet Coke.Very nice.Very easy.

Martini—I’ve never had one but I’ve always wanted to try one.

Mimosa—A wonderful way to start the day, if I dare.I usually don’t but when I do, I am glad I did.

Hibiscus—One of my new favorite drinks.I love cranberry juice and I love it more with champagne.

Daiquiri—I love strawberry daiquiris.I haven’t had one in many years but maybe I’ll treat myself to one soon.

Cosmopolitan—I’ve never had one of those either.They look pretty.They sound yummy.

Champagne—Just plain champagne.I don’t like the really dry stuff.I have discovered a couple of Korbel varieties that are not distributed except at the Korbel Champagne Cellars.Those are the best!

Wine—Not a mixed drink or anything.Just plain glass of red chilled wine.My current favorites include merlot, syrah, or cabernet sauvingnon.

I know, it sounds like I’m a lush.I’m not.I don’t drink often.I don’t drink much.But I thought this would make a different kind of Thursday Thirteen list!

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