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Wednesday 3

Today’s 3 Word Wednesday words are apology, consider, distant.  I chose to follow up on the scene I wrote on Monday as part of Manic Monday.  If you’d like to read that, you can find it here.  


Barbara sat in the dark for a long time.  She cried and she took the time to consider her life.   She had married  Chuck two years after they had met.  Chuck had always been a bit distant but she hadn’t realized that he had a mean, violent streak.   She had once described him to a friend as having a “volcanic” temper.  One minute he was fine, then the next he was spewing hate and anger like lava from a volcano.  Once the initial explosion was over, there was never an apology.  He would just go on as if nothing had happened.  Barbara is the one that would come after him and apologize for her part in making him explode.  They had been married for two years and it got worse and worse.  Years ago, he would never have gone off on her like that, in front of their friends, Kerry and Bob.  But tonight was not the first time Chuck had humiliated her in front of others.  He was getting worse.

Barbara didn’t want to go home.  She was afraid of him now.  It had to stop.  She touched her belly and knew she could not put her baby through this.  She could not go home.  She would not go home.  No apology would get her to go home this time.

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