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Have you heard of Buy Nothing groups? I’ve been in one But Nothing group or another since 2017. Currently, I admin my local group.

If you haven’t heard about these groups, they are free, hyper local Facebook groups that try to keep as much as possible or of the landfills. They do this by having members gift their no longer needed items to those in the group that can use them.

These groups can save members a lot of cash. Personally, I haven’t bought a pair of shoes since I joined But Nothing give years ago. The same goes for purses and tote bags. And a lot of other things.

My regular readers know that I have grandchildren. I love to bring them a little surprise it treat when I visit. I don’t have a lot of money as my entire income consists of Social Security disabled benefits that barely cover my rent and utilities. Instead of buying items, I find things for them in my Buy Nothing group. The boys each have 3D pens and accessories that I was able to get for them not too long ago. And a lot of L’egos!

Maya is five. She gets a lot. She lives Minnie Mouse and so I find a lot of Minnie Mouse things for her, including clothes and shoes, books, and toys. This past week I was able to find her a Barbie house (40 inches tall), a Minute Missed dress, Minnie ears, a sparkly Minnie hair clip, and more! She was ecstatic and I was so glad to be able to treat her with items that were totally free to me!

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Yup! A new grand baby made me smile this past week. She was born on the 26th which was her actual due date! We had sort oped she would come a day early so she would share my birthday but that’s okay, she is here and she and mama are safe!

My daughter didn’t tell us the baby was here until the next day! Baby didn’t have a name until she was discharged on Wednesday.

The funny thing is that they hadn’t told anyone at all the name they were thinking of. On Tuesday night I had a dream that the baby was named Spirit. On Wednesday afternoon, my daughter messaged that they had banned the baby Alma Luz which means Spirit Light in Spanish. She’s a beautiful baby but I don’t have my daughter’s okay to share pictures so I can’t post any to prove it, you’ll have to take my word for it!😃

So this week brought a new granddaughter, bringing the total of my grandchildren to six. And I got another one of those uncanny dreams that I get sometimes.

What made you smile this week? Stop by Trent’s blog and let us know if drop a link to your post there.

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Last Sunday I got to have all five of my grandchildren under the same roof at the same time and two of my three adult children, too.

This never happens. Well, at least not in a long time. The last time we were all together was for Christmas in 2013. Three of the grandchildren weren’t even born yet! So definitely not something that happens often.

It might happen again when the newest grandchild is born. She is due in December 26 so at some point the Seattle group will come down to Portland to meet her. It might not happen right away because we have to be extra careful to not expose her to anything, like COVID or flu. Everyone is vaccinated and “boostered” except Maya who won’t be old enough for the vaccine until February. But not everyone has their flu shot yet.

That was my weekly smile. What was yours? Stop by Trent’s blog to read more weekly smiles and leave a link to yours!Trent’s blog

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After yesterday’s weekend coffee share post and thinking about my Aunt Joy, my memories started flooding my mind. Just a little bit ago, totally by accident, I came across an old post that brought me a huge smile. So this is a repost of a memoir piece I posted in 2008. I hope you smile with me.

One year on Easter, when I was about eight years old, we went to my Aunt Joy and Uncle Joe’s house for a barbecue in the mid-afternoon.  As we did every year, we took our Easter baskets with us wherever we went, including to their house.  After a while, my aunt told us we should put our baskets in her bedroom so we could play without having to worry about our baskets and all of our stuff falling out.  She took them to her bedroom for us.

Later, we asked our mom if we could have a candy from our baskets and she said we could.  We were good.  We knew from experience that one candy meant ONE candy so we took only one.  I remember thinking that our baskets weren’t as full as they should be but I just took my one candy and went outside, as did my sisters.

We played and we ate and instead of having cake for dessert, we asked if we could have a candy from our baskets and once again, we were told we could.  When we went to my aunt’s room to get our candy, most of our candy was gone.  We hadn’t taken it.  We looked to see if it had fallen out but there was no sign of our candy.  When we went back outside, we told our mom and she said we had probably taken more than one when we were supposed to take only one.  We hadn’t.

Later, when it was time to leave for home, there were no candies left in our baskets.  We hadn’t been inside the house in a long time and there had been candy left in our baskets then.  No one had gone inside, except my aunt.  My mom investigated.  She believed us but she couldn’t very well say my Aunt Joy had taken it.   My mom went outside and told my father that we had eaten all our candy.  My father got mad at us and then my aunt spoke up and said she had taken some of our candy because we had so much.  She liked candy, she said, and she didn’t get any because there were no kids in her house so she had taken “one or two” of our candies from each basket.  There were four of us girls there and all the candy was gone from all of our baskets!  Yup, she had taken “one or two”!

I remind Aunt Joy from time to time and we laugh about it.  When I go to her house for Easter, I take her a basket of her very own candy and we laugh!  I’m going to be near her house today so I’m thinking of putting some of the left over candy in a little basket for her and dropping them off.  I hope she’s there so I can laugh with her!  Who said Easter candy is only for kids?!

This is part of #TheWeeklySmile blog linkup hosted by Trent. Check out his post and write one of your own if so inclined!

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Dirty — #WeeklySmile

It has been a long week and I was having trouble finding a smile to share. Then yesterday, as I drive to pickup some items from my Buy Nothing group, it but me!

As I drove around, I came across lots of snow. It wasn’t the pretty white snow we see in pictures. It was the kind that has been sitting around and shoveled and pushed aside. The ugly, dirty snow.

That’s not what made me smile. It was a memory. My oldest grandchild, Anderson, is almost 11. When he was just shy of 4, we had a big snow storm. It was the first time he got to go out and play in it. He loved it. When it all melted, he was sad and asked to get it back. He didn’t write understand why we couldn’t deliver in that wish.

One day, after roads were cleared, I took him to the store with me. There was as mountain of dirty snow in the parking lot where they had pulled it up to clear parking spaces. He didn’t recognize it as snow. It was that dirty. When I told him it was snow that was all dirty, he got so excited and asked me, “Can we take it home and wash it so I can play in it?!”

That’s what made me smile when I saw mountains of dirty snow!

Visit Trent to read more weekly smiles and maybe you will want to share one.

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Tires – Weekly Smile

I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks. Last Sunday was Spencer’s sixth birthday and I was not going to miss it. The antibiotic for my ear infection had taken care of the horrible pain and most of my symptoms were gone so I headed to the party, half an hour away. I didn’t do much but sit and watch the kids and I spoke to a couple of the parents.

When it was time to leave, my daughter went out and brought my car to the door so I wouldn’t have to walk a block in heavy rain. As she handed me my keys she said she could now see how bad my tires were. I had been telling her my tires were bald and I was watching for at least a couple of used tires in my Buy Nothing Group as I don’t have money for anything but car insurance and the electric bill after I pay my rent. Then she said the magic words! “Find out how much it is to get all four and I’ll buy them for you.” I know money is tight for her but I also know that she wouldn’t offer if she couldn’t do it. I had her take a picture of the size with my phone and I called the tire store the next day. I now have four new tires! I feel much safer now that my car doesn’t skid around on the wet streets!

That’s what I’m smiling about this week. What are you smiling about? Head over to Trent’s Blog and check out the Weekly Smile and maybe share yours.

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Well, I’ve been missing. It seems that every time I think things will get better, I am wrong. My life these days seems to belong to someone else. I am not able to plan or to relax or think. Instead, I seem to be alive solely to babysit and make things easier for others.

I know that sounds pretty negative, which is unlike me, but it’s true.

And it’s December already.

One thing… one tiny glimmer of light…one rain to smile. She (who shall not be named) says she is taking the kids to a sitter three days a week so that I will only have to watch them two days a week, plus some weekend time. Soon. But soon enough but soon. Now that’s my reason to smile because I know it’s actually happening. In fact, this coming week I’ll only watch them three days.

What has made you smile?

Check out Trent’s blog for #theweeklysmile.

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