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We don’t get snow in Portland, Oregon very often and when we do it either doesn’t stick or lasts only a few hours. But every once in awhile, we get “snow events” that are first welcomed but cursed by the time their over.

Well, it looks like we just may be getting one of the latter types. I think the most they say we will get is 2 get over a 2 to 3 day period. This area isn’t used to that and therefore not prepared. Everything shuts down and road become impassable with 2 inches. Just wait and see what happens if we get 2 feet! Additionally, it will be extremely cold and windy. They are warning of electrical failures.

Of course, it might not happen. We may end up with freezing rain instead. But in the off chance that we do get a good amount of snow, my daughter has invited me to come up there so we can be together and stay warm if the power goes out. We sucked up on firewood and there are plenty of blankets there. So I’m heading over there (Vancouver, WA).

Everybody stay safe and warm!

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