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The Second Request is a novella length work of fiction by author and blogger, C.E. Ayr. While it is indeed short, the length is not an indication of the quality of writing or the depth of the material.  It is packed with topics that will make the Reader think and even cheer on!

From the very beginning we are hooked when we read that during a loud explosion on a remote secret military base in Scotland, all of the children on the base disappear. Although they were being watched and there is no explicable way they could have left the buildings they were in, they’re gone! There is no explanation. They seem to have vanished as they appear not to be any place.

In short order we find the children returning to the base and shortly afterwards, a Doctor Merman appears.  He is responsible for the return of the children and has come to the base to make two requests of the Commander.  The first request is somewhat troubling and difficult for the Commander to agree to. Then comes the second request!

Although I don’t usually read works set in the future, this one captivated me from the first page. As I read, I was impressed by the clarity of the writing and the range of controversial subjects discussed.  I found The Second Request to be not only entertaining but also thought provoking.  I hope you will, too. You may want to check out his other book, Sound Byte Fiction: Medville Matters.

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