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Obama was not my candidate until the end when there was no other choice.

That said, I must say that I am looking forward to a new administration and a new beginning for our country.  It may not be the beginning that many of us hoped for but it is a beginning and it effects every one of us.

One thing that I have noticed is the renewed hope in the tomorrow of our country.  I think that’s good.  This is our country and the more of us that become interested and hopeful in what happens to it, the better it will be for the country as a whole.

With the previous administration there was such wide spread apathy.  I think the country collectively lost hope and interest and that had a lot to do with what has happened to our country in the past eight years.  I hope that’s over now.

Let’s get through the party atmosphere of inauguration week and move on to the business of digging the country out of its grave!

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