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I think we are all winners. Winners of blog awards, that is. You know about those blog awards, I’m sure. They typically are given from one blogger to another, obligating the “winner” to answer some arbitrary set of questions and then the clincher is that the winner has to bestow the same award on a number (also arbitrary but usually upwards of 10) of other bloggers who also have to follow the same rules, etc. They are meant to drive traffic (readers) from one blog to another so that all the blogs get more viewers, more readers.

I’ve received a number of these awards in the past (I’ve been blogging since the late 1990’s) and I continue to receive them. In fact, since this past January, I have received no less than seven such awards. I haven’t passed them on to anyone and haven’t fulfilled the “rules” because I am not one to put others in a situation where they feel obligated to name their followers to fulfill the rules and then name their followers to repeat and send them on. To me, it’s like a chain letter. It just keeps going on and no one is a winner.

Then there is the fact that the “awards” are arbitrary. There are, usually, no criteria for nominating people to get these awards. Winners basically have to have a blog and followers and that’s it. It’s like playing “hot potato” where you are given something and then pass it on to someone else as quickly as you can, before the hot potato burns your hands! Remember that childhood game? One of my favorites but I don’t like it when it comes to blogging.

So instead of accepting awards and fulfilling the rules and passing the award on to my friends and bloggers who are usually too busy to fulfill the rules themselves, I will thank the people giving me the award and then I will let it sit. From time to time I will fulfill the part of the award where I have to answer questions or list blogs to visit but I WILL NOT pass the awards to anyone else and that’s because I value my readers and my friends and won’t put them in that position.

If you have awarded me some kind of blogging award, I thank you for thinking of me! However, the award will stop here, on my blog, as I won’t be passing them along. And you might have to wait awhile before I answer the questions or make the list or write the poem. But I will get to it eventually.

And if you have a different kind of blogging award that has real reasons behind it, you know like maybe I wrote the funniest post you have read, or the most inspiring one, or the most thought provoking post, and you can back it up with a specific post and reasons, well then by all means send it my way. I love hearing when I make a difference in someone’s life or when something I write brings a smile to someone’s heart or a (good) tear to their eye. Just don’t ask me to post the name of ten or fifteen or twenty, or even just one, of my Readers, Followers, or fellow bloggers because I won’t do that to them.

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