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I created a monster and I didn’t even mean to.

When I was younger, much younger, I loved to take pictures.I had several of those 60’s and 70’s instant cameras and took tons of film with them.When I graduated from college, my mom gave me an SLR camera.I loved taking photos with it but I didn’t know much about photography.I never took a class.I never read a book on photography.I just enjoyed it.As I started a family, I got newer cameras but I always came back to my SLR.However, my husband thought that I didn’t need all those cameras so when I got a fancy schmancy Olympus automatic camera, he gave my SLR to his brother who was also into photography.I always wanted to get another one.However, I knew I didn’t have the time to invest in photography as a hobby so I waited.I encouraged my kids to try photography.They enjoyed it and took it as a class in school.I was pleased that we shared an interest in photography but then they went on to other things. (more…)

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[This blog post was inspired by Truddle’s blog post here. Thanks, Truddle.]

When I was in high school, I worked all summer long in the school office the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. I worked a six hour day, five days a week. I earned $2.65 an hour, which at that time, was a bit higher than minimum wage. Although I did spent some of the money, the bulk of it was saved up so that I could buy myself a bicycle at the end of summer. I didn’t drive and there were too many siblings ahead of me to even dream that I would have a car when I got my license, or that I would get my license at 16. My parents knew that as soon as we got our license we had to be insured so we didn’t get our license, regardless of our age, until it became necessary for us to drive. (more…)

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