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-Many teen aged boys can really make themselves obnoxious merely by speaking VERY LOUDLY when they announce every thought that goes through their mind. As if anyone wanted to know what was in their shallow, annoying mind.

-Attention is attention, even if it is negative attention. Some people crave any kind of attention just because they aren’t used to getting good attention. Sad, really.

-Some people don’t get it when you are trying to write quietly and you have headphones on to drown out noise and avoid talking to people so these same people end up tapping you on the shoulder and making you stop writing, just so they can ask you your name.

-A write-in should be for writing, not for non-stop talking.

-Some adults don’t know where to draw the line about the kind of events and the kind of company they allow their very young children to attend.

I’m at a write-in for Nanowrimo. I drove an hour to get here. It’s an “all-state” event to which all Nanowrimo participants in Oregon were invited. Without going into details, the list above is what I have learned so far. I have gotten almost 3,000 words added to my word count but I could have done a lot more had I stayed home.

Now I know.  Won’t do this again.

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