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The other day I mentioned that I don’t have internet and am using my phone as a hot spot to connect to the internet. Why? Because big corporations suck.

I’ve been with Comcast (Xfinity) since I moved to Oregon in 2008. They are the only internet company that services my area. Two blocks away I would have options but here, no! Last January they raised my rate to somewhere in the $50 range. Too much for me. For only internet. So I called them and talked to them for over two hours, different departments. In the end, they said I would be granted another two year contract at only $29 monthly. I agreed. Well, they never changed it. And because I was at my daughter’s house most of the time until the end of May, I didn’t realize that they had not lowered the price of my contract. After hours and hours of trying, I still could not get a real person on the phone. I managed to get a real person in a chat through Facebook book but they kept putting me on hold and an hour later some different person would come to the chat and I would have to repeat myself all over again. I kid you not, I followed the chat for THREE DAYS only to never get anything resolved. I was told through a number of organizations that I could get a senior rate. When I finally was able to talk to a real person in November, they told me they no longer had a senior rate. They extended my cutoff date until Christmas and put me into an escalated case file. They were supposed to contact me and straighten out the whole problem with charging me $65 a month instead of $30 and then put me on a reduced rate.

Well, they never adjusted my price. They said I did qualify for a low income rate of $10 per month. It would allow me a higher speed and a free router and modem. One problem. I cannot have been a Comcrap customer for three months. Isn’t that stupid? So now I am without internet for three months until I qualify as a new customer for the low income rate of $10. In the meantime, no internet.

I’m using my phone as a hot spot but I have to watch that I don’t go over the 6 GB limit. I also realized that if I download shows over my daughter’s wifi when I am there, I can come home and watch them here. So that’s what’s in store. As to accessing the blog and Facebook and anything else, I’ll have to use my phone’s data and my phone’s hot spot capabilities. I have unlimited data on my phone so that’s good but only 6 GB to use as a hot spot. So if I am able to manage it okay, I’ll survive until April when I can get the cheap low income rate. Of course, that leaves me without Alexa. I’ve come to rely on her. I have an Echo dot in almost every room. Because I fall so often, I have it set up so I can have Alexa call my daughter or the neighbor or 911. So hopefully, I won’t fall in the next three months.

Sometimes technology rocks. Sometimes it sucks.

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