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The Sound of Your Voice

My regular readers might recall that I love streaming The West Wing. I usually stream all seven seasons at least three times a year. I just finished it for the third time this year last night.

There are many moments in the series that strike me for different reasons. One episode near the end, Institutional Memory, has a few moments that get to me but the one that always strikes me is when Danny, a reporter, is trying to talk CJ, the White House Chief of Staff and Danny’s on again off again girlfriend, into making an effort to have a serious relationship with him and he tells her that he wants them to talk. Talk about each other’s futures and about their future. He says something like, “I just want us to talk. I want us to talk…because I like the sound of your voice.” Someone once told me that they liked the sound of my voice. Voice is such a personal part of each of us. To have someone tell you that they like the sound of your voice is a very personal thing. And so, every time I hear that line in that episode, I get teary.

How about you? Is there a special voice you like to hear? Has anyone ever told you that they like to hear the sound of your voice? 

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