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Learning From Daily Life

I forget a lot of things. Some things are important and I still forget them and some things are less important. Somehow, it’s the really unimportant and trivial things that I remember, but that’s another story.

About three years ago, I was really frazzled and my diabetes was way out of control. It effects memory, high glucose levels, that is. So I did a really dumb thing. Then I did it again a few days later. I think I’ve learned my lesson but sometimes I wonder.

I was at home and my daughter was at her independent study meeting at the learning center. I had to go get her in a while so I was watching the time. It was a wet, cold, winter day so I decided to fix myself some hot tea. In the meantime, my daughter called to say her teacher had to leave early so she was all finished with her meeting and would I come get her. I grabbed my jacket, keys, and purse and went to get her. We stopped to do a couple of errands on the way home. When we drove up, the next door neighbor came out from our backyard, quite concerned. Apparently, in my haste to get my daughter so she wouldn’t have to wait for me in the rain, I forgot to turn off the stove! A few minutes after I had left home, the tea kettle began to whistle, alarming the neighbor and she had come to see if I was okay because the tea kettle was whistling away, quite loudly. Once she realized I wasn’t home, she got even more concerned, afraid that something would catch fire inside. She had been trying to get in through a window but hadn’t been able to. I ran in and shut off the stove and checked the water level in the tea kettle. It was a good thing it had been filled when I turned on the stove. I often put only enough water in to fix one cup of tea. That day, by the time I turned off the water, there were just drops left in it.

Less than a week later, I did the same thing, only it wasn’t the tea kettle. It was a pot of beans I was fixing for my daughter! Note: There is very little that smells worse than burned beans!

I ended up writing a little note that I taped over the dead bolt in the front door. It read: “Check stove.” I also bought an electric tea kettle that shuts itself off when the water boils.  I’ve also learned not to turn on the stove unless I’m going to stay in the kitchen (but sometimes I forget that it’s on and I leave).  I have a timer that I set when I’m going to be in another room and I clip the time to my clothes or I forget that it’s on.  Oh, I don’t hear it if I’m not in the same room so I have to clip the timer on to myself!

Life is full of little lessons. We have to learn to make certain accommodations to deal with the lessons we learn.

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