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The Fool is about to set off on a new adventure. He is innocently trusting the world around him as he takes the leap of faith. A perfect card to start a new year!

If we were having coffee today, January 1, 2017, we would be at my house. It’s too cold to go out and as I sit here typing, it is snowing. It isn’t expected to be much or stick at all. We’re at about 34 degrees. What is really keeping me close to home, in fact close to bed, is my back. For the past three days the pain has been excruciating. I didn’t re-injure myself so I don’t really know what made it hurt so much. I am so stiff I can barely move. Sitting up is difficult and making my way from the bed to the kitchen is quite a challenge. Today it is slightly better and I am hoping that moving around slowly and carefully will not cause more pain. Cross your fingers for me.

One of the reasons I really want to get moving is that I have been re-focusing my energy and time on Tarot. I offered a special in my Tarot group for a $17 new years reading. I got some takers and I have been enjoying doing those readings. I even got to help a fellow blogger by doing readings for a couple of her fictional characters! Those were fun and I think she is finding a lot to work with as a result! And I am happy because the money has gotten me much closer to being able to pay my light bill (scheduled for disconnect later this week)! I am about two more readings away from having the money to pay the bill.

It has been a challenging couple of weeks. I am missing an envelope with the cash to pay my rent for the next four months. I know it’s here in the house but I can’t remember the safe place I put it. I have been looking high and low and I think that might actually have something to do with my back pain. I’ve been climbing the step ladder and looking under furniture and moving boxes, all to no avail and all contributing to the back pain. And stress. That’s why I’ve been quiet here. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but finding that envelope. I am taking the day off to focus on other things. I have until the 5th and if I absolutely have to ask, my mom has agreed to lend me the $600 and she can send it Western Union so I can have it the same day. I hate to do that but I don’t have much of a choice if I can’t find the envelope by then. I’m hoping a day of rest from looking for it will let me see things differently tomorrow and I will be able to find it.

So aside from my Tarot and trying to find copy editing and proof reading clients, I am going to attempt to write at least 100 words of fiction each day. That doesn’t sound like a lot but some days are so challenging that it will be difficult to do even that 100!

What are you all up to? What are you focusing on this year?

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If we were having coffee, I would still be in my pjs. It’s almost 1 PM but here I am, not anywhere near ready to get out of bed. I slept a lot yesterday and figured I would be up early today but that hasn’t happened. I guess my body is (a) trying to get the sleep it needs, (b) recuperating from a very busy week, or (c) both a and b.

This was a busy week, as usual. Adding to the busy-ness of normal weeks, this week there was some needed repairs done here at the mobile park where I live. A couple of weeks ago, a motorist had a diabetic seizure and crashed into the power pole and bus structure at the entrance of the mobile park. This caused power to be out for about 12 hours while they repaired the damage. However, when the man hit the post, the power lines underground were damaged and in turn, the damage took out the water pump that supplies the well water to the whole complex (122 households). They patched it up but had to order a new pump and schedule the work. That work happened on Thursday of this week so we were warned ahead of time that there would be no water (which includes no toilets) from 7 AM until 8 PM. We could fill the tub with water to use to flush toilets if we wanted to but with little ones, that wasn’t really a good solution, nor was using the port-a-potties rented by the management. So we got out of the house and wandered. It was a wet day so no park for the kids. We just ran errands as much as we could. That meant that anything that had to be done at home, didn’t get done. Then there was yesterday. I spent the day at the convention center for a Jamberry regional conference. It was stressful for me to drive out there and to top it off, I couldn’t find my car at the end. It took me over 45 minutes to find my car! I was about ready to sit down and cry. Also, my hearing loss played a major role yesterday because if I wanted to hear the Speakers without distortion, I had to turn off my hearing aids. However, that meant that I couldn’t hear anyone around me that may have been speaking to me. I think that probably made me come off as unfriendly and I feel bad that I didn’t get to meet the people with which I had chatted and wanted to meet in person.

Anyway, I got home around 5 and fell asleep on the couch, waking up at about 11:30 and coming to bed. I thought I would read for a bit but my eyes closed and didn’t open again until 6 this morning. Then they closed again until about 11:30. Wow. I must have been beyond exhausted. Yeah, I need vitamins. Or Geritol. I remember the commercials for Geritol when I was a child and I used to think they were so silly. Now I need to go out and find some!

I managed to start and finish another novel this week. Reading is back for me! Yay! It was another one I got for free as a Kindle First Reads. It’s called Evelyn, After. It’s a pretty good novel and even though it had some “spice” to it, I enjoyed it and recommend it to you. There was a lot more to it than “spice.”

This week might be a little lighter because there’s no school tomorrow (Columbus Day) so that will let me have a day off from teaching but it is also the day my daughter goes to get her ultrasound that tells us if it is a boy or a girl coming into our lives. I’m not sure if she will need me to go with her or not. If not, I get to stay with the boys. Gender reveal social will be next Saturday so I guess I will have some news next week.

Along the baby lines, this week is Baby Loss Awareness Week, internationally. If you get a minute, you might look it up. It’s important not only for those of us who have lost infants but also for the rest who don’t know how to help, how to relate, how to support the moms and families that lose a child to miscarriage, still births, or infant death. It’s a subject near and dear to me.

Tarot work is continuing as I try to get some customers. If you know anyone that might be interested, please send them my way. The link to the FB group is here.

That’s about it for today. Tell me what you have been up to!


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It’s not my original idea. I read about it years ago when I was prepping for NaNoWriMo. It stayed with me all these years and now I want to share it with you!

When you are creating your characters, you can have a tarot reading for them, or at least for you main character. You come up with their name, some basic facts and if you want, a birthday. You give those facts to your tarot reader and you can ask them a question about the character’s storyline (like: Should Character A become romantically involved with Character B? Should Character A change careers?). You can give as little or as much information about your character and/or storyline. Then the reader does the reading and sends you back the results. You can use that to guide you as to where your character might go. It will also give you storyline ideas. You can do it with just one character or with other characters. You can also do follow up readings for any of the characters you want to use if you get stuck or need more story ideas.

I think it would work pretty well. What do you think? Would you be willing to do it with any of your characters or storylines?  I’m thinking of offering this service in preparation for NaNoWriMo and offering a special reduced price for created characters. Do you think it is something people might want? Let me know. I need feedback.


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Meet Up

A friend is writing a novel and from time to time will ask a Facebook group made up of alumni for their opinions or suggestions regarding a variety of information for his novel. Today, he asked about where someone in their 50’s would go to meet women in a particular town that we all grew up in. It seems that his protagonist is out “shopping” after a messy divorce. So several people mentioned meetups. He didn’t know what that was so we enlightened him.

I posted a link to Meetup and mentioned that there is a Meetup group for every age group and every interest. I belong to a couple of meetup groups for writing and one for crafting. Of course, I’ve never actually attended any of the meetings but I do belong!

Then I remembered a story regarding Meetup. It happened around 2008 when I moved from California to Oregon. After a summer with no TV service, I decided to respond to an ad from Comcast (who to this day remains ComCrap in my book) to provide internet and TV service. They sent out one of their salesmen to discuss what I needed and pricing. When the gentleman arrived, he was very cordial. He was probably five or so years older than I. He walked around the house to each room to see where we might need to put in cabling. When it was time to fill out the paperwork, we sat at my dining room table. He noticed my Tarot cards, some incense, and some crystals that I use when I do Tarot readings and asked about my interest in Tarot. We chatted about the Tarot for a bit and it turned out that he was also a Tarot enthusiast. He asked for my email address so that he could send me an invitation to a Tarot Meetup group that he ran. I figured it sounded interesting and I really did want to meet people as I knew not a soul in Oregon. He already had my email address and phone number on the Comcast paperwork so I went ahead and gave him my email address for the Meetup invitation. After he left, I forgot about the whole thing.

A few weeks later, I got the email invitation to the Tarot Meetup group. It turned out that the group was a Tantric Tarot group who met to explore and discuss the relationship of the Tarot to Tantric Sex and they met in a private home, in the nude! Well, I promptly put that out of my mind and out of the realm of possibilities for Meetup groups that I might attend! I was even embarrassed about it. I never told anyone about it until this afternoon when I related the incident to my alumni group on Facebook and then now, to my readers here.

I guess it just goes to show that there is something for everyone!

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