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…oh heck!  I’m totally lying.  I don’t even have a dog!

Back in October (seems like ancient history, doesn’t it?) a freind at Breezes At Dawn hosted her anual Walktober in which participants take some kind of a walk during the month then post about it on their on blog, many including photographs.  The blog posts with Walktober shares are then highlighted and shared on Robin’s blog where she posts links to all the participating posts from other blogs.

Last year I told myself I was going to give it a try but things conspired against me as I had to travel and stay with my mother in the weeks surrounding her surgery in the second week of October.  By the time I got back home, I was playing tag with inclement weather and trying to catch up from being gone for three weeks so my Walktober did not happen.

This year, when Robin posted regarding Walktober I really wated to do it.  I even planned to take my four year old grandson, Anderson, with me.  He loves going for walks.  Because of our infamously wet October weather in Oregon, I planned to go early in the mot.  The earlier the better, I thought. So, on the first Friday in Octoer, Anderson and I went to his favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) then went to Leach Botanical Garden in Portland.  Anderson doesn’t go to school on Fridays and the Leach Botanical Garden is only about ten minutes from home and the weather that day was dry and crisp, so this should have worked pretty well.

First, I missed the parking lot which is a tiny, mostly unpaved, lot right off of the narrow street so I had to drive about four miles before I could get turned around and go back but we made it back.  Then Anderson was more interested in the water in the creek under the bridge we had to walk over to get to the garden so we stood there (in precarious proximity to the road) so he could see the water below and ask question upon question about some people that were exploring the creek.  There wasn’t a path to get to the creek and it was kind of a steep drop if we missed a step so we didn’t try that.  We finally got across the street to the garden and he wanted to go find flowers.  We started at the very first trail which is at the bottom of a set of stone stairs.  That might have been my first mistake.  Due to a number of injuries and surgeries, I am not good with stairs.  However, the botanical garden is on a number of different terraced levels so we had to use the stairs.  My back was already aching as we reached the bottom of the stairs.

Leach Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden

Anderson was loving it because we got to stop halfway down the stairs to look at a huge spider and its web that he spotted up above us in the tree branches.  I tried to photograph it but it was up against the sun so I couldn’t get a picture but we stood and watched the spider moving about the web for a bit.  Then we went ahead and got to the bottom of the stairs where we could take one trail across the bridge which goes over Johnson Creek or we could go to the left and look at trees and plants and the creek.  I let Anderson choose and he wanted to go to the left “first” and come back to go across the river.  So off we went, stopping at every sign/label we came to so I could
“read the words”.  He loves having the names of plants read to him then he races off to the next sign!


We didn’t get very far before this grandma was in great pain.   Luckily, there was a small bench so I sat down and Anderson buzzed around pointing at things and jabbering away.  He didn’t let me rest long before he started running up the stairs.  These stairs led back to the main level, which at this point was an extra level up from where we first went down, meaning two sets of steep stairs.  I almost did not make it all the way up.  I had to stop for a minute before continuing up the steps.

Tree Top View

Tree Top View

Luckily, there was another bench at the top so I sat even though Anderson could not understand why I had to sit down again but he does understand when I say my back hurts and he tries to help but out there there was nothing he could do to help but sit and wait with me.  I pointed out bird feeders, a nest, and some other things he liked and then he spotted “a little house” that he wanted to explore.  When I was able to, we walked back there to find that it was the storage building for reception supplies.  He found a waterfalls/fountain and then we went around the building where he found a gift shop.


When we came out of the gift shop, he found a house and wondered who lived in it (it was a stone Japanese sculpture).  He wanted to go up to one of the top levels but there was no way I would make it up there or more importantly, back down.  There is also no cell reception up there so if we got stuck up there, I would not be able to call anyone for help and the grounds were completely isolated.  We did not run into anyone else except in the gift shop in the whole hour we were there so I was not going to take the chance of getting stuck up there!


So we started back to the car and of course, he had to spend time looking over the bridge into the water again before we could get in the car and head home so his Nana could recuperate!

I didn’t post my Walktober for the sharing on Robin’s blog because I felt it didn’t qualify as an October walk and I didn’t like the pictures but then I figured, better late than never!

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