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Yesterday, when my daughter got home with Anderson, he was asleep. He rarely falls asleep on the way home from school. It’s a short ride. But he did yesterday and she let him sleep in the car. She rolled the windows down and parked in their driveway. We both sat at the window so we could see when he woke up. We didn’t think he would sleep long because he normally wakes up when the car stops. He sleep in there for well over an hour.

This morning I got to Tina’s to babysit and both of the boys were still asleep and it was kind of late for them to be asleep. I let them sleep then my timer went off…the timer I set on the days I watch them, to remind me that it’s time to get the boys ready to take Anderson to school…at 11:40. They were both still asleep. A quick text message to Tina at work verified that I should just let them both sleep. When Anderson woke up he looked droopy. He sat on the couch with me and just cuddled for a while. He said he “want no school today, Nana.” Spencer was still asleep. I made the decision to just keep him home and let him and Spencer rest. Spencer finally woke up about 12:15 but he didn’t last long. By 1:30 I found him curled up on a pile of blankets he had thrown out of his crib earlier, with his binky in his mouth. I got him a bottle and put him back to bed. He slept some more.

We spent a very quiet afternoon on the couch. Anderson watched a movie. When Tina got home from work, she wasn’t feeling well so she said she was taking a nap as long as Spencer slept. I came home and sat on the couch. I was freezing but my cheeks felt like they were on fire. I also had a sore throat. And I was achy all over. So I took a nap. For three hours.

After consulting with Tina, who told me that Spencer is still asleep and it’s now after 7 in the evening, we’ve decided we are sharing some kind of bug. At least she is off from work for the next three days. That will give everyone a chance to rest and recuperate.

I’m glad there’s just the two boys. I do remember growing up in my large family and getting sick. Everyone would get sick and by the time it had run through all seven of us kids, and our parents, the first one would get sick again and we’d have a second round. So yup, good thing there are only two boys.

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