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In honor of Australia Day (celebrated on January 26, which commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788), I am posting a few of my Sydney pictures that I don’t believe I posted previously.  These are from my October 2009 trip to Sydney.  Please bear with me, I’m having a bit of a problem formatting the text and the pictures and editing this post.

On the first night we were in Sydney, we took a walk to find some dinner.  We didn’t know where we were going but needed to eat soon so we decided to take a short walk.  We found a small Italian restaurant and ate outside, although it was very, very windy.  After dinner, we decided to continue the walk a bit and see where it would take us.  We walked right around a bit of a curve in the path and saw colorful flags and a lot more light than where we were so we headed that way.  Literally one block from where we had eaten dinner, we found the Sydney Bridge!  We had no idea we were staying less than a mile away from this historic area!  In Sydney Harbor, right across from the bridge, is the Sydney Opera House.  The photos are a bit fuzzy because it was so incredibly windy!

The next day, we took a much longer walk and accidentally stumbled upon the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, which in some accounts is named as the first pub in Sydney. We had read about it prior to our trip but we didn't realize we were going to be so close to it so we didn't think we would get to go, especially by foot! Had we known we were so close the previous night, we would have held out for this place to have dinner. We ended up have a bowl of chowder and a couple of beers each. The food was delicious and the beer, well that goes without saying! If I ever go back to Sydney, I will book one of the hotel rooms that are a part of this brewery/pub. The fourth shot down was taken after our overnight stay at the Taronga Zoo. You get to spend the night and early the next morning you get a behind the scenes tour. We got to pet and feed the giraffes! And the last shot was taken from the waiting area at our Qantas gate as we waited for our flight back home. Although we were ready to come home after two weeks in Australia, we weren't ready to say goodbye to our wonderful host country!

Waiting for our plane to come home

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