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Remembering A Photo

Recently, I’ve lost a hard drive full of photos and writing. Lots of photos. Probably dating back to the first digital camera I had in the late 90’s. They were not backed up. The other night, I found a thumb drive and stuck it in the laptop to see what was on it. I found pictures! Not all the ones I lost but I was still happy to find them.

One of the pictures that I thought was lost to me was one my daughter took of me in March of 2005 on a trip to New York City. My son and one of my daughters were on the trip with me and I convinced them that we should go to Liberty Island and to Ellis Island. I had been been to Liberty Island on a previous trip but it was during the restoration of Ellis Island so it was closed to the public so I had missed it. We took the ferry and it was freezing cold and crowded. There was no place to sit, especially for three people. So we split up and I stood and looked out. That evening, back at the hotel, we all exchanged memory cards and loaded all of the photos to our laptops. The thought was that we would be backing them up three fold. I looked through some of their photos because they sometimes were goofy together. Tony is my oldest and is eight years older than Susie but they get along really well, playing off of each other’s goofiness and feeding into it. One of the photos I found was surprising. Susie had taken a picture of me as I looked out from the ferry. It was special because she had taken my picture but also because the photo is evocative of a lot of emotions even to the ordinary viewer, or at least I think it is.

I thought that photo was lost but it was on that thumb drive so now I am sharing it with you and hopefully, should it become lost again, I can find it here.

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Well, she’s not a baby anymore but she’s my baby.  Susie, my youngest turns 25 today.  It doesn’t seem possible.

A while back, we started (well, the kids started not me) to see who could be the first to wish the other a happy birthday and they tried to do it right at midnight.  If they were physically nearby, it was a hug and a “happy birthday”.  If they weren’t nearby, it was a phone call, and later a text.  With me, it was easy because everyone was always up at midnight on my birthday, but with the others, not so much.  One year, when it was just the two of us left at home, I was watching the clock and waiting for midnight.  She was in her room.  I went in about ten minutes before midnight and asked her if she was excited for her birthday.  I think it was the year she turned 17.  She said “It’s not my birthday yet. Not until midnight so don’t talk about it yet.” I left her room and went to my computer room right next door.  I figured I would check email.  Well, that was a mistake.  There was email and a friend was online and popped in with an instant message. Before I knew it, it was 12:06.  I ran into her room and knocked on the door.  “Go away.” I opened it just a tad and the lights were off and she was in bed.  Unusual for my night owl.  I went in and said “Happy birthday!” She turned her head to the wall and muttered, through tears, “You forgot!  I’m not important.  You forgot my birthday and now you’re late!”

Nothing I said would get her to turn to face me.  I left her room.  I was upset because she was upset and she’s my baby and it hurts to have her hurt, especially when I had “caused it”.  So I went to my room and called Tina, my other daughter, who lived about fifteen minutes away.  She was asleep but woke with the phone.  I told her what had happened and asked her to come make a big fuss.  I suggested balloons from the 24 hour grocery store and maybe a cake or ice cream.  So, she got up and got dressed and in less than twenty minutes she was at the door with flowers, balloons, cake, and ice cream.  She went to Susie’s room and pretended she didn’t know what had happened.  Susie was excited to have her sister there and to have all the special attention so she got up and came to the kitchen where we all had cake and ice cream and all was right with the world again.

She’s too far for me to give her a hug to this year.  She lives in California.  Last night I knew she had to be at work early this morning so I didn’t call her or text her but I did post on her Facebook page with birthday wishes.  I’ll have to call her later, when she’s off work, and remind her that I haven’t forgotten her or her birthday.  With luck, she won’t be upset because I didn’t call earlier.  But then again, she’s grown up now so she’s not as sensitive.  And, I did see her last week when I was on my trip and I took her to dinner (twice and breakfast, too) for her birthday so actually, I was the first to wish her a happy birthday, a week early!

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Today is Susie’s 22nd birthday.  Susie is my number three child and my number two daughter.  She’s also my number one special, one of a kind, golden child.

Susie was born after a series of miscarriages.  Susie was born after my OB-GYN said I would not ever be able to get pregnant again.  Susie was born after a number of complications.  Susie was born after I had to take progesterone to prevent another miscarriage (and progesterone is the hormone that makes you have morning sickness so having to add it to my body caused a lot…A. L.O.T.  of morning sickness).  Susie was born after I developed gestational diabetes.  Susie was born after she presented in a transverse breech position.  Susie was born after presenting with a placenta prevea.  Susie was born two weeks early after a scheduled Caesarean Section. 

Susie was born in spite of many complications.  Susie was born for me.  Susie was born my golden child. 

Susie is my princess.  Susie is my baby.  Susie is the sweetness in life.  Susie is my “face reality” child.  Susie is my golden child.  

I cannot tell you what Susie is like for she is indescribable.  Susie must be experienced to be appreciated. 

I can go on and on about Susie.  I won’t.

Suffice to say that I love my Susie, my flower, my sunshine, my golden child.

Happy birthday Susie.

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