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In  my pocket, I usually carry only my keys but that has changed.

When my grandson, Anderson, began to walk last year, I started teaching him to put his hands in his pockets and once he mastered that, I began to hide little treats in his pockets.  He loves raisins so I buy the tiny little boxes of raisins that are just the right size for a size 2 pocket.  I put them in his pocket and wait for him to find them.  Sometimes, instead of raisins, I put a small dinosaur or a fist sized car in his pocket.  Sometimes it’s his pants pocket, sometimes it’s the pocket of his hoodie or the pocket of his jacket.  I love to watch his face when he finds his treats.  He gets that “wow” surprised look then a huge smile as he pulls his surprise out and holds it up for me to see!

Lately, I’ve been hiding treats for him in my purse and in my coat pockets.  When he looks, he finds a small plastic bag of cheez its or animal crackers in my purse.  Or it might be a toy figure or a sticker in my pocket.  At first, my daughter didn’t like the idea of him looking in my purse but he only does it with me.  He knows it’s a special thing his Nana does for him so he only searches my pockets and my purse for treats.  I love it when he finds them.  Pure joy.

It has gotten to the point where I make sure there’s something hiding for him when I go see him and if I leave and remember that there’s nothing in my pocket or purse, I come back home to get a little treat for him.  I don’t want to disappoint him.

Pockets aren’t just for hands.  They aren’t just for keys.  Pockets can be full of fun and surprises!

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