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Last week was particularly difficult as I watched hurricane Harvey and all of the damage it did to Texas. The day after the hurricane hit, I got a call from my mom (who was born and raised in Corpus Christi). She told me about a phone call she had gotten from my uncle. She and my uncle are half siblings. My uncles’s cousins lived in Houston. She told me that the cousin, her husband and four great grandchildren had drowned in the flood waters. It was sad to hear it and even more so because of the family connection. I think we all hoped and prayed that it wasn’t true. However, the next day, word came through the media. It was true. The woman who was my uncle’s cousin, Belia, her husband, and four great grandchildren had definitely drowned inside of their van while trying to flee to higher ground. Great, great sadness.

And then last Saturday a fire was started by a very foolish fifteen year old who threw a lit firecracker down a ravine in a heavily wooded (and dry because we have had no rain in three months) area. The entire region caught fire. If you aren’t familiar with the news, it is in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most scenic and peaceful areas around. It is one of my favorite places to go. It has really grown in the four days since it began. The fire is near the watershed which supplies water to most of the Portland Metro area. If that goes, it ¬†could be catastrophic for Portland. It’s so sad to see the pictures and to see the ash falling outside, as if it were snow. Then there is the air which is full of smoke and is causing hazardous air quality conditions.

It also seems that I am getting every single complication from my surgery that I could get. First there was the infection, then the sciatica (which I think is directly related to the surgery because I had to sit and lay down most of the time during the first three weeks post-op, which put pressure on the sciatic nerve. Now the latest is that it appears that I have developed an “incisional hernia,” which is most likely a result of carrying something that was too heavy during the post-op period. So now we’ll see if they decide that I need to have surgery to repair that. I am not looking forward to another surgery before the incision from the last surgery has even closed up completely. That’s actually how I discovered what I think is the hernia. The incision is still not closed. The opening is pretty small but it is still open. I noticed about a week ago that there was tissue protruding from the incision. Then over the weekend it was gone and I breathed a sigh of relief but then last night, it’s back. That’s when it hit me that the doctor warned that a hernia often develops in that kind of incision. So now I have to go in and get it checked out and go from there. Not too happy about that. I guess when the doctor said no lifting for six to eight weeks, I should have erred on the side of safety. I didn’t. I gave myself only the six weeks. Now there’s a problem.

So not good here. I guess you can understand that. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m wrong about the hernia!


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If we were having coffee this morning, I would welcome you into my home and hope that you wouldn’t mind my greeting you in my pjs and robe. You would come sit on the couch and I would sit in the rocker as I’ve been on the couch far too much this past week. If you’re looking for my A to Z Challenge post for today, you can find it here.

This morning I will be having only the second cup of coffee since my surgery on the 16th. My system is slowly coming around but things are quite different from what they were like before. For the most part, that’s a good thing. I’m not able to eat very much or even drink much. I seem to be full after about three bites. I have to push myself to eat little meals so I don’t get weak because if I only ate when I was hungry, I wouldn’t be here any longer.

I’m recuperating slowly. One day will be very good and I will feel like I could maybe get dressed and go down the block to check mail but then I realize that I can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes without dizziness and I still can’t get around the house without my walker. So I haven’t left the house. I’m sure I won’t for awhile although I do have a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday. The hospital staff sent me a case worker that got me hooked up with a clinic that does outreach for the under served community so they got me an appointment with a doctor to set up regular care, not post-op. I might have to put it off. It will depend on my daughter’s schedule. If she can take me, I will go but if she’s working, then I will have to postpone.

Either way, I do want to get out this week. I told my daughter that even if we just go for a drive and maybe go through drive-thru for a burger or a cup of coffee, I would like to get out. It has been raining since I got home from the hospital on Tuesday but the weather looks like it is clearing and warming so now’s the time to make a run for it.

How has your week been? I think we missed last week, although I did try to come and read as many of the coffee share posts as I could, even though I didn’t write one. I can’t seem to concentrate on much these days so I haven’t read anything lately. Have you read anything interesting? TV…anything you’ve watched? Anything you could recommend for streaming? Since I can’t concentrate very well, I’m watching more TV than normal. I don’t have regular TV, I stream using Netflix and Hulu and Amazon. So if you have something to recommend, let me know.

Your weather? How is it? Are you still having spring or did it crawl back into winter as so much of the country seems to have? Have you been able to enjoy the outdoors? That’s one thing I am looking forward to this summer. I can get outdoors more when I am in better shape. I can already tell that my body feels better when I walk and stand. Things are not as cramped as they were. There is not as much bulk to my body. It’s kind of strange when I put my hand down to my stomach and it can go down a few extra inches! It’s like half of me is gone. I can’t describe it. It’s just strange. I guess that’s what happens when they take out a huge cyst and drain 20 litres of fluid from your body. Oh, and they also took my appendix and two pair of ovaries and tubes and some of the lining of the abdomen.

I have run out of things to say but I hope you stay. Fix yourself another cup of coffee, please. Stay awhile. I’m kind of lonely these days. Tell me about you. Tell me about your world. Have you discovered any interesting blogs this week? And if you really must go, please come back next week when I can breathe a sigh of relief when A to Z Challenge is all over! It has been fun but it has also been a tough time to keep up with the challenge.

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