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Just a week or two ago I was mentioning to someone on their #WeekendCoffeeShare post that I never get to see the sunrise because of where I live, right in the middle of mountains so I don’t get a view of the sunrise or sunset. Well, imagine my surprise yesterday and today when I had to watch the little at my daughter’s house while she took the older one to school at 7:20 am. I saw pretty colors yesterday but it was 32 degrees so I didn’t enjoy it too much. Today, same time but 42 degrees and I saw this as I pulled out of my driveway…


Day break

and a couple of minutes later, from my daughter’s house this…


When I got inside the house, two year old Spencer took my hand and walked me to the window so I could see the sky from the window…big smile on his face!

Those have been my smiles this week. Not too shabby!

What has made YOU smile this week? Share with us and link to Trent’s #WeeklySmile so we can smile with you!

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Makes Me Smile


Sunrise seen from the top of Haleakala crater, Maui, Hawaii

Trent over at Trent’s World has been posting “smile” posts. Today’s prompted a long comment that, upon consideration, was just what I was looking to write for today’s post. Stop by and see Trent and read the comment I left for him, which I have copy/pasted below.

I thought about it for a long time. A private space that makes me smile? Maybe not private but every time I am with my family, it makes me smile. Even when there is nothing to smile about, there is. It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we’re together.

In August of 2004, my three kids and I joined another family in Maui. I had been there quite a few times and one of the things I had really wanted to do was to go up to the top of Haleakala Crater to watch the sun rise. My ex didn’t like doing things like that so we had never gone. This time, I was in good company that appreciated some of the same things I did, including watching the sun rise over Haleakala, even though it was 5:00 in the morning and about 10 degrees with gusting winds! And I had all three of my kids with me to share it. It was worth getting up at an ungodly hour and driving up the steep winding road and standing in complete darkness, shivering. That sunrise was magnificent. When I need that memory…that inspiration…I pull that out of my past and set it right in front of me to remind me of the beauty, the perfection, the serenity, and the promise that the moment held. Then, all things are possible, including smiles.

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