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I slept most of yesterday, waking up around 9 pm. I read for a bit and watched a movie. Then slept again for another 10 hours. I must have been truly exhausted because I rarely sleep for more than 3 hours straight!

I am sitting on the couch at 3:30 pm, in my pjs, reading blogs and listening to the Beatles music. Their music always takes me back to the years of listening to them live on TV shows and turning the radio on to their music on every station. Later, it was Sunday morning with the Beatles, a radio show that my ex always turned on. And when my kids were growing up, we always played the Beatles. They each still love the music and I think they can still recall all the lyrics, as I do!

I need to write my 50 Things post but right now I am enjoying the music, the quiet, and watching for snow. It’s only supposed to be a winter mix of snow and rain but I love to watch it. I will get around to writing it soon. I want to write in on paper then type it so that takes more organization. I will do it, though. Maybe a second post today but most likely, tomorrow.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday in any way that is special to you!

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