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All I wanted was a cup of coffee.  What did I get?  Knocked down.  I got knocked down by one off their employees who came barreling through a swinging door, knocking me down on the floor which is bare concrete.  She almost knocked me on top of my 21 month old grandson but I twisted myself away from him.  That’s how I managed to land with all my weight on my knee.

Of course, they didn’t have an accident package with their insurance information so after I hand wrote my statement and we drove the kids home to stay with their dad, off we went to urgent care.  Three hours later, I got out of there with the bill for urgent care, x rays, a knee immobilizer, and a prescription for pain meds.  Because I hit my head as well, I have to be watched over night so I have to stay at my daughter’s house.

And after all that, I didn’t even get my coffee.

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