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Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile might remember that four years ago, when my first grandson was born, I was in the delivery room with his mom and dad and I cut the umbilical cord.  I was the first one of us to get a picture of him and the first one that he peed on!  He and I have had a special bond between us.  I see him every day.  He comes over to my house every day, not because he has to be babysat but because he asks to “go to Nana’s house”.  I can never say no so he’s over here every day.  A while back I was jotting down some thoughts that came to mind about Anderson (my grandson) and this is what came up:


His little hand in mine

his total trust

his head on my shoulder

daily visits from which he never wants to go home

he says he wants to live with Nana forever and ever

His giggle when I tickle him

his cry when he has to go home

his bright eyes when I show up to pick him up

I never get tired of him, even when I am dead tired

Somehow with him, my energy knows no bounds

and my love for him grows with each moment

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